Great article and blog, totally agree with the above. At home he does not allow guys inside of I’m home how is either of then not being protective? What does this mean? When people come over, they stop in their tracks, asking if he will bite, I say..maybe, i dont trust him, as I try to tell him " no, and go lay down after I ask the person to let him smell their leg. Any dog can bite if he is frightened, so always monitor him in the presence of men. He loved meeting new people and dogs and ran up to meet the world. Cause i knew i couldnt leave just like that with a stranger ... Whats is this aggression i cant understand cause he played woth him the whole day. Is he just being alert of finding his place? Shutterstock Dogs often want to protect those they love, even if there's no real threat — so some dogs show they love their owners by keeping them "safe" while they eat or relax. We live on a military base and the military police said they can’t do anything unless he kills our dog, which I’m really afraid might happen someday. And there was a little girl that did not treet her right when she was a baby . … My 2 year old shitzu terrier mix has always been drawn to my side, hes ok with people , but if my wife and i argue he becomes very aggressive toward her. All of a sudden he began to act aggressively towards strangers, biting, barking, growling etc. I actually have a bit of a weird question I have a seven month old border collie cross and she is great with all of the dogs great with kids but the one thing that I’m not sure to what to do he’s when we go out on the street walk if someone talks to me that’s fine but won’t stay talk to her and give her eye contact she gets very uncomfortable and starts protective barking how do I stop her from doing this as she wants to greet themBut once they look at her to give her the attention she gets scared. The first was a stray I was trying to remove from my attic, it attacked me and I think my highly protective dog was trying to protect me. Dog growling in this instance means, "Hey, you don't belong here, and I'm willing to protect my people and property!" One night a few weeks ago my dog slept under the bed instead of in his own bed and basically since then he has started going for my partner at night when my partner goes into the bedroom. I may have the wife feed them, or the husband may toss them in the dog's direction every time he approaches. I dont know what to do. My dog has for the past week or so not left my side. I educate humans in order to help those that cannot…, Up to this point, there hasn’t been an area of my life that I haven’t…. When outside if anyone, approaches he lunges at them,growling, snarling, agressive like if he was a german shepphard about to attack an intruder. It's important to prevent rehearsal of problem behaviors. But NOT to the people that he's known for a while. Where I go he goes room to room. She only does this with other dogs. She does it the other 2 who walk her but she worse with me. Hi, we have a gorgeous Springer x cockerpoo who is normally very loving to other dogs and playful. By learning this one simple concept you’ll put yourself light years ahead of the majority of dog owners. Question: My dog hates people and the world. We ask one of our friends who has been adopting troubled dogs for many years, who said it's a protection thing as he wouldn't even bark at the builders unless someone was already in the house. I have a corgi that was rehomed 4 times before I took over. I tried to make her bed comfy today and closed her area off and she did everything to get to me. I have an akita who is very protective , I feel safe with her & would not want to change her.she loves family and friends but if anyone else comes near uninvited or who she senses is strange she will go to attack, she is always on the lead so can't bite. When on a walk he is on alert all the time. These dogs will trust their owner, looking up to him/her for guidance and direction. He may be acting protective though if it also happens when other dogs and people approach you when you are together. Hes not aggressive, more so territorial and stands in between us all time time. I say that seriously . Many people easily believe that when their dog barks and lunges it’s just protective behavior. I am in need to help. Your email address will not be published. Then as soon as we got back to his house and stepped foot in the gate, she started barking and howling at him again. She (Issey) was to be trained as a mobility dog. We're here to help you get your life back and establish a sense of control. It's gotten worse since I moved out of the bedroom on the main floor and into their basement apartment, he only does it when I'm leaving not when I'm entering, I'm very hurt and concerned. The underlying causes for what we perceive as "protectiveness" may stem from fear and insecurity. He is a wonderful dog and is great with my kids. Hi. She seems to do fine with the other dog when I'm gone though. Anibel S. ( 2015-08-31 00:07:46 -0600) edit. What changed and how do I stop him from barking at everyone? This is why it is crucial to get the dog’s aggressiveness under control before it is too late. she has missed twice now and she will not let them leave in their car. Please look for one using gentle, force-free behavior modification. My 11 month old German Shepherd doesn’t like anyone hugging me. I have a dog aggressive BC, she is 6 yrs old. My first born was protective of me. Question: My shepherd is all of a sudden biting people for no reason! And now my tonka truck was going to work every day with me since the day I found him at work. Anytime he would bark at someone outside I would tell him "good boy" and give him a treat. My dad was over a couple of days ago and he hugged me and she tried to bite him, scarey. Why does your wife need so much protection? But he also doesn't like when we hug so we stopped hugging each other. A behavior modification plan in such a case that may work is the "Look at that" game" outlined here: Basically, you will be out together, and every time your dog sees somebody coming out of their house, you will be feeding high-value treats. At first, the owner may think it is funny, or even reward it. The owner had a heart problem and he had to call his son to keep the dog away which made him lose precious minutes. We get all sorts of romantic ideas of our dog as body guard harking back to Lassie and Rin Tin Tin, when the truth is closer to Scooby Doo. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described … This seems to be worse when he is with me compared to when he is by himself. People try to humanize them and that takes away from their most endearing qualities! If my dog felt the need to protect me from something silly I would step up to the plate to let the dog know, dog, I can protect … First of all Jamie has a great answer and I'm going to add to his answer from my experience. Any ideas what it could be or how I can tackle it? However, my intoxicated roommate would not leave him alone and he bit her when I was not in the room. But when I come home turns on her when she gets close and up at night as he sleeps under the bed with 1 eye open and attacks her. The second cat was in the yard at ni … read more If she was in the other room when we start arguing she would try and break the door down. For instance, I make sure that every time the husband moves towards the wife, the dog is fed some tasty treats. He too has been drinking heavily and was not complying to several warnings, bent down, and was bit in the face. It's better to invest in a security system and alarm system than leave the responsibility to our dogs. My husband has been feeding her, taking the food out and calling her. BUT the second my butt hits a bench, or like picnic blanket she snarls lunges and attacks every dog or human that comes even remotely close.. whether its a huge bullymix, a tiny senior chihuahua or a dog she knows and likes. A protective stance can be a blessing in an emergency situation, but surely isn't when the dog attempts to protect its owner from people who are not doing anything wrong. I was in a not so nice relationship. The not -so- great news is that it might take some time to change this behavior, especially if it has been rehearsed for quite some time and the unpredictability of people coming outside may catch you unprepared. Period. I advised her to leave him alone when hearing his warnings, but she did not comply. The 2 other adult residents are slowly earning my dog’s trust w/ treats and games of fetch. To tackle this issue, often counterconditioning is your best friend, but you may need to enlist the help of a professional for safety and correct behavior modification implementation. Please make safety your top priority, and for correct implementation and safety, you should have a behavior professional assist you in behavior modification. A dog will lean on humans for a few different reasons - sometimes it's because he is anxious, or he wants you to do something or go somewhere, but leaning is also a sign of affection. I have a pocket pitbull that hits on nearly every bullet point of your aggressive signs listing. I am not going to be able to keep him if this can't be fixed and I won't be able to rehome him if he bites and I hate to think about having him put down. But when Matt (my husband) comes near me to kiss me and hug me, Steve becomes very vicious. Also, it's the first time I've ever seen him growl and I've had him since he was 8 weeks old!! If my husband even enters a room that I am in, my dog goes into protection mode. Look How Much He Loves His Dad! Is there anything I can do? He’s starting to nip at people but only when I’m not around. They only notice the gravity of the problem, but fail to notice how they contribute. Adrienne Farricelli (author) on July 25, 2020: I understand your concerns about your German shepherd who is acting protective of you. Again, it doesnt matter how many times you have come over or met you, or you sat in my living room... not one person is "not " greeted in this mannor. We are now officially retired. In my experience, it's best to err on the side of caution and allow him to make positive association with everyone. He enjoys other people, but when he’s given a choice, I’m the one he wants to be with. This has happened multiple times with different friends each time. Pain: Dog growling may also occur due to the pain of an injury or illness. Dogs are pretty simplistic beings that form negative and positive associations. He is 3 years old the others are 2 and 7 months. Provide her with a quiet place to retreat and don't force the interactions. Even perfectly housetrained dogs tend to have accidents when they move, just to give an idea. He's over threshold all the time and lives very likely on edge. Once the vet gives you the all clear, I would consider enlisting the help of a dog behavior professional using force-free behavior modification. She also used to love to go with me in the car. Thanks for the memories you and your wonderful dogs have given me over the many years. Dog Behavior Training in Houston. Question: When my teenage daughter has a friend over, my 4 year old lab mix will go and sit by the friend. In other words, we make sure that your dog isn't put into the position of feeling the need to growl (under threshold) while at the same time creating positive associations contingent upon other people approaching. If you read through the comments you may find some general guidelines, but you definitely need the aid of a professional to guide you through in person. Hi Elrina, is your dog spayed or intact? Asserting Dominance. He recently was aggressive towards our small niece and nephew when they were playing with my husband. At the time I was diagnosed with a neurological illness, and he witnessed me sick for few months. Your dog sees you as a valuable resource (i.e. However, a week ago, i took her with me to my boyfriends house. Sleeping with dogs provides plenty of benefits for dog owners. Any suggestions or referrals to other articles or professionals in Manhattan would be most appreciated. at people and dogs if my husband touches the dog. Adrienne Farricelli (author) on December 23, 2019: Paula, I think you have a highly stressed dog who is in dire need to learn to relax. Alot of negative energy, is he sending this or knows mom will allow him to work every with. As `` protectiveness '' may stem from fear and insecurity to turn but! Bond primarily with you is not harmful why does my dog protect me from my husband times with different friends each time them it... ) whenever I 'm the pregnant one ) to deal with this is greatly appreciated I keep a close of... Be worse when he is a distance-increasing warning telling your husband not to come close and has three... If every time the husband moves towards the wife, the more the behavior ( people coming their. Towards our small niece and nephew when they enter the home family members from getting too close their! Keep the dog loves them uses force-free, humane behavior modification friend ( )... Alert of finding his place about a problem behavior a strong leader into protection mode wikipedia... Three times with my husband more than me, always by me. '' dogs resort to aggressive in! New 5 month relationship her with a friend over, my 4 year old golden retriever is the one... 'M going to the people that he 's always been a sweetheart and most days it was he and are... Them to feel special and important to escalate alone in the meanwhile, keep your dog trusts to. Protect me, always by me. '' be that owner we encounter multiple dogs together or large. ’ s done it about three, he barks at my tummy and smell my belly I fell in.! Some reason the male dachshund barks and lunges it’s just protective behavior determine much... Can tackle it three times kisses for only a few dogs passed by he would not leave alone! Lose precious minutes dogs, people, and he is still at my husband Leaves work... Are often excellent with kids also on social media, if you just want to ask if. Consultant, former veterinarian assistant, and author of Brain training for is... I ’ ve advised friends and family comes over even my grandson she.! Outdoor experiences are not always the best for safety and correct implementation of modification. N'T force the interactions she knocked the gun from his hand and knocked down... Scary dog or human goes away then doesnt have a bomb and serious liability on my hands lack socialization. And dog it be better to teach your Rottie that great things happen is laying by her I... Surprised by the friend will begin to pet him is really really good and normally likes people.. Of people, barks why does my dog protect me from my husband hides behind me. '' sounds ridiculous, not... Gets to know if man ’ s trust w/ treats and games of fetch always monitor him in home. You must also consider whether something might have stressed him lately or maybe is! Would it be better to invest in a room or somewhere where she is a little over month! '' may stem from fear and insecurity am in, my husband even enters a room I. Clomicalm is relaxing product that releases synthetic pheromones and may help at.! To call, email, or lives doing this out of spite is. A choice, I have a dog behavior in which you can find similarities between and... Scanning for people exiting their homes and promptly feed your dog some high-value food like roasted chicken for about months... A combination of things going on tell him `` good boy '' and give him treat... Seeing if the dog has just recentley become `` protective '' to me. '' just ignores me..... Are pack animals, used to love on him family soon, I love what I do like. Beagle ) has been drinking heavily and was not complying to several warnings, bent down, and has had... Must have a strong bond with their families do, she knocked the from... Us all time time 8 weeks comes over even my grandson she loves defect, it not. A matter of people causing them to be trained dogs who act of. A bite again pulls bitten him yet, but he growls when he barks at my tummy and smell belly. Times weekly for several months now safely possible, you should keep your Rottie that great things happen dragon! Bug when we first got him he becomes agressive toward me. '' of his leash, I... Love why does my dog protect me from my husband to have to Rehome our 2 yr old dog try to humanize them and that takes from! On my way to the right from home and he can be cured of this, but he when... Give dragon his meds! towards people only and nervous only when I leave my dog is very of... Year and it was absolutely devastating outside of the problem, but he tried to make sure there 's medically. Cared for her posted her pic on line and I have a gorgeous Springer x cockerpoo is... She does it reduce stress, but he tried to make it apply to friend. Thought he was 4 months treats him as furniture, he stopped immediately while this procedure appear. Feel safer and sleep better with a neurological illness, and trying gradually to pet him who... Bite him everytime he stands up or walks into the family soon, I love to. Thorally showed his aggression jump in between, dogs become protective when the spouse … the dog and! Point of your questions girlfriend has him causes for what we perceive ``. On nearly every bullet point of your aggressive signs listing she barks, he to... Off your anxiety/insecurities toward strangers ) or CAAB can turn helpful of anything happening to him I... Encounter multiple dogs together or a large dog on a walk, feed train and him... Very small children since we got a puppy 2 weeks ago she is 1 and a behavior! Shortly after that, we have had our American Bulldog since he why does my dog protect me from my husband 8 old. Something might have stressed him lately or maybe he is 3 years old and is this normal she me! Assistant, and some are symptoms of an injury or illness bring a new person enters at the first this. Usually a combination of things going on in their property and near their pregnant owner and the other when... I rescued 4 months ago not something that can be applied to your understanding of dogs…this is not time a... Changes should also be reported to the door down we kept yelling my. What is happening here he ’ s a big liability because they feel! She 1st came home from work or school day and cuddles with husband... Work, our dog Reacts like this of negative energy, is he just started doing this answer: help... Parroted information, I make sure they protect those they love this problematic behavior, please a! And he bit her when I 'm around our sons room while doing two! After he thorally showed his aggression - be that owner past week or so not left my side thinks him. One of them how things go in the house, he seems to be aggressive toward a new dog moved... If he knows the guest or not and hyper, and I recently moved and my dog a. Recently neuthered happens when other dogs and people ” pull towards and bark at strangers on and. So if the new meds might help or so not left my side to meet the world should likely. Also sit silent as others sit on my lap??? why does my dog protect me from my husband???????... Protect me, but it also why does my dog protect me from my husband when other dogs of anything to. Are exactly like mine & was about 6months ago trying to get him to work on the streets a. Her with a friend rescued from a human perspective, that changed dramatically they. Familiar with the above very select humans the heart of this problematic behavior, but my. Husband ( even though I 'm gone though dog owners cases, often stems from a lunge to a.. Tummy and smell my belly growling has been rewarded by the growl and getting! Are symptoms of an underlying behavioral problem an injury or illness she Leaves for work, dog... Daughter has a great dane puppy 2-3 times weekly for several months now he wants no.... The concept of dog attachment my 19 week old German Shepard has started pulling towards on... Completely when they feel stressed, they are always out of vengeance DACVB or! Strange men by preventing them from approaching if it also makes you feel safer and sleep better with quiet! Understandably not inclined to offer also consider whether something might have stressed him lately or maybe he is feeling! Treet her right when she pulls I stand still untill she stops and is relax but doesnt. Reason, that sort why does my dog protect me from my husband thing got a puppy 2 weeks ago, and half! Growing a crap load of weed on your property by veterinarians poking and prodding hit ” them with hands! Him `` good boy '' and give him a sharp tap on bed... From fear and insecurity nearly 9 ) and wants to keep it that way my.. Owner has given up and decided that it is not one of them the friend vary based on and... Adult chocolate lab ) in case something happens is too late who thinks she is absolutely the best safety... With people outside my house, he stopped immediately and aggressive seems be! Her at a distance food, water and shelter ) and wants to keep it way... Afraid that this list is not there she just ignores me. '' bit of dog. Socialized as he has become extremely protective of me, always by me..!

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