Diseases of Pomegranate and Papaya 28-32 6. Diseases of Apple 36-43 8. Diseases of Chilli 44-51 9. Diseases of Guava 33-35 7. This causes the yield to go down drastically. Diseases of Apple. Diseases of Field Crops and Their Management Author TNAU, Tamil Nadu . When the condition worsened dramatically, experts from TNAU’s Department of Nematology, led by Professor Dr. K. Poornima, visited the area to study. Comprehensive review of work has been done on wilt disease of guava by Prakash and Misra (1993), Misra (1995), Misra and Pandey (1996), Misra (2001) and Negi et al. Production Technology: Guava trees are planted at a distance of 5-6 meters. Diseases of Bhendi 58-61 11. Diseases of Grapes 24-27 5. Diseases of Bhendi. Guava diseases are among the most important factors in guava production or farming, which cause a major loss in guava fruit yield and vigor. Sparse foliage, yellowing of leaves and tree wilting are the symptoms. Prepared by DR. P. M. NIMJE AGRCULTURAL CONSULTANT, AISECT . The region is the hub of guava production in the state. Diseases of Chilli. Diseases of Brinjal. Disease symptoms are exhibited on both abaxial and adaxial leaf surfaces as orange, rust-colored, dense silky tufts ranging from 5 to 8 mm in diameter. Fruit Fly: Symptoms: During monsoon season, the adult lays eggs on the surface of the fruits. Upon scraping away these spots, a thin, grayish white to dark-colored, necrotic crust remains on the leaf. Diseases of Banana 17-23 4. Pests and Diseases in Guava Cultivation:- The following are the major pests and diseases found in Guava cultivation. or Rhizoctonia sp. Diseases of Potato. (200 1). Diseases of Mango 10-16 3. Guava Wilt: Wilt in guava is caused by a fungus Fusarium solani or Cephalosporium sp. And click here if you want to know the health benefits of guava.. Overview. Diseases of Citrus 5-9 2. For the past few days, the guava trees in Ayakudi, Dindigul district, have been dying of nematode and wilt disease. Disease symptoms are exhibited on both abaxial and adaxial leaf surfaces as orange, rust-colored, dense silky tufts ranging from 5 to 8 mm in diameter. Diseases of Guava. Diseases of Brinjal 52-57 10. In this guide, you are going to learn about the different diseases of guava plants and their control.. Click here if you want to learn more about the botany of the guava tree. On hatching the maggots enter into the fruits and cause fruit drop. Guava Diseases Caused by Nonfungal Agents (Cephaleuros virescens) Algal Leaf Spot Symptoms. Diseases: 1. Diseases of Potato 62-72 12. Management: Spraying the trees with Bordeaux mixture 0.6 % or Copper oxychloride 0.2% before the onset of monsoon reduces the disease incidence. Spraying the trees with 7.0 gm per litter of ZnSo4 and 46.5 gm of FeSo4 improves yield and quality. The symptoms appear on the infected trees many months after their roots have been attacked by the fungi.

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