She cooked some last night and it is delicious! A change in pelleted food brands or cutting back on pelleted food must be discussed with your veterinarian. That’s what adventure is all about though, right? A guinea pig only needs 4. ... Peru, we knew that part of our culinary adventure had to be cuy or guinea pig. Who knows. The rearing of cattle produces a huge amount of greenhouse gasses, owing to the methane emitted by the cows when they release wind. Guinea pig (Cuy) is a delicacy that is very typically associated with typical Peruvian cuisine but it is also eaten throughout other countries of South America such as Ecuador, Colombia and Bolivia.. In San Francisco, Diego Oka, a native of Peru and the executive chef of La Mar Cebicheria, serves imported Peruvian cuy every summer around Peru's July 28 Independence Day. We all know that such gasses are bad for the environment which could lead us to conclude that guinea pig farms are a more environmentally friendly alternative. Whilst there is evidence to suggest Europeans have never commonly eaten guinea pig, that is not the case in South America. There are a couple of ways to cook guinea pig, generally either roasted, baked or fried. The average price of a guinea pig between two people in Ecuador is around $25. Guinea pig is most likely to stop eating if the food is too hard and/or unpalatable. Great post. As we have seen from looking at the history of eating guinea pig, these little critters have been eaten for generations. I am currently installing a run in my garden to raise guinea pigs for our table (Norfolk, UK). Then there is the consideration of rodents in mass numbers developing diseases. The sinewy meat was dry and sparse, and I went away hungry. A Taste of Peru: Eating Guinea Pig. Or is it? Yes, you read that correctly. Monitor food intake and be aware of how any changes may have impacted your pet. Ileus can be caused secondarily by an underlying illness or stressor which in turn causes your guinea pig to stop eating. As I am carnivore, eating only meat, animal products and animal fat, I have no qualms about what meat I eat as long as it tastes good. At least they’re consistent in their non-meat consumption.Â. I know that’s ridiculous but sometimes it still turns my stomach.Â, The guinea pig arrived pre-cut into sections but complete with all of its limbs and head. Blend or mix a guinea pig "smoothie" that contains hay, water and ground up … You do not want your guinea pigs to struggle for air in their hard times. Hey I’m Sheree, the awkward British wanderluster behind Winging the World. A traditional food, Guinea pig (called cuy in Peru) has been served whole on special occasions since Inca times. That is, only let one person hold the guinea pig each time you get them out of the cage, especially if that person is a child. "There's a clear cultural prejudice against eating guinea pigs, and rodents in general, in the United States," Miller says. The feet have hairless soles and short sharp claws. My wife and I have raised and slaughtered rabbits and chickens, so we are not squeamish and will try anything at least once – ever eaten crocodile? The desire to maintain and protect the Amazon Rainforest is heavily impacted by the need for farming space, which has resulted in crazy levels of deforestation. However, we spoke with the owners of two Peruvian food importers who said cuy consumption in the United States is certainly rising. The good bacteria is a guinea pig’s gut is essential for breaking down and digesting complex foods, such as … At the time, he says, conservation groups were expressing concern about local ranchers clearing forest to provide pasture for their cattle — activity that was causing erosion and water pollution. I am actually based in Norfolk too – how funny! It resembles other cavies in having a robust body with short limbs, large head and eyes, and short ears. Guinea pigs are cute and cuddly and eating one is like eating your pet dog. 🙂. I envy you your ability to travel the world. Here you can find my travel stories (and blunders) and maybe you’ll want to try winging it too! For all of the vegetarians that have just clicked the back button on their browser and all the meat-eaters crying ‘savage’ from behind their computers, allow me to explain a little bit about the history behind eating guinea pig and why eating guinea pig could just save the planet! Whilst guinea pigs aren’t the meatiest animal you could choose to eat, there are a number of benefits to picking this dish over other kinds of meat. Current destination: Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿Â, Please note: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases [U.K]. If you are willing to give your guinea pig a good home with proper food, attention, living space, grooming, and veterinary care, you will be rewarded with a happy, healthy, cute, and fun guinea pig. Eating Cuy (Guinea Pig) October 25, 2011 By Dave. Welcome to the Guinea Pig Manual. ". Matt Miller, an Idaho-based science writer with The Nature Conservancy, says rodents and other small livestock represent a low-impact meat alternative to carbon-costly beef. They take up less space and people can produce their own meat. Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru are all countries which have seen these furry little rodents grace local plates for thousands of years. There is nowhere suffering from the consequences of deforestation as much as the South American countries. Oka marinates and deep-fries his guinea pigs for a dish called cuy chactado. Yes, that little hamster-like creature you had as a childhood pet is somewhat of a delicacy in the Andean highlands and has been a traditional part of the Peruvian and Bolivian diets since pre-colonial times. Sort: Relevant Newest # eating # chewing # guinea pig eating # chewing # guinea pig # cute # halloween # costume # pirate # guinea pig One portion of Cuy is good to share between two people and also comes served with potatoes, beans and corn. It is strongly recommended to remove … As you would expect, guinea pigs require much less food which makes them more cost-effective to raise. Next up is a pheasant breeding project. It’s estimated that indigenous people in the Andes Mountains have been eating domesticated cuy (pronounced “kwee”) since 5000 BC. Good luck and enjoy your adventures. I finally passed my driving test (sadly not on the first attempt), I travelled to South America for the first time and had my first experience eating guinea pig. Not to mention, you can actually raise hundreds of guinea pigs in an area as small as your back garden. You can make his passing less uncomfortable by offering him water from a spoon, syringe, or water bottle. I came upon this just now, for which thank you. I am the type of guy who would try anything as long as it looks good and I must admit they do look good. hide caption. This is the Kichwa translation which comes from the high-pitched sound that the guinea pigs make. It is all about Guinea Pigs! You need to consider the yield of how many pounds of meat per pound of food fed to the animal. Woods says a guinea pig herd consisting of two males and 20 females can sustain itself while providing meat for a family of six. I have heard and read a number of reports from people who say it tastes amazing and plenty from those who say it is chewy and fatty. Owing to their size, cows require a huge amount of food to sustain them and allow them to grow to the size required for the meat market. As this is where guinea pigs were first eaten, it is believed that they tend to be cooked to a higher standard in these areas. I do worry about what people will think when they find out. In the United States, most guinea pigs intended for human consumption come from Peru as whole, frozen, hairless rodents in plastic bags. Urinary tract infections should be investigated by a veterinarian, who can decide the best course of treatment. Covering guinea pig in a soft blanket and feeding water in small quantities with the help of a syringe to your guinea pigs is what you may do, but do not force them to drink when they deny. (You can’t be any more useless than me.) This type of poop is usually smaller than healthy poop. They're docile and easy to raise.". History of Guinea Pigs. Middle-class foodies with a taste for exotic delicacies are also ordering, photographing and blogging about guinea pig. Header photo by Nestor Lacle under CC by 2.0 I don’t know if guinea pigs eat less food than cattle. A lot of sugar in a guinea pig’s system could affect their gut by over-producing too much of the bad gut bacteria. Not only is the meat very good for you health-wise but there are also huge environmental benefits to farming guinea pig over cattle. We have and prepared right it is not bad at all. The only meat we eat at present is wild game, and we want our own source of eco-friendly meat. Bumblefoot. This could then lead to stomach pains and digestive upset with your guinea pig. Urubamba, a Peruvian restaurant in Queens, wasn't serving guinea pig at all eight years ago. Gordon Ramsay Talked About Eating Guinea Pigs And Why He Can't Serve Them In The US "I am telling you now, delicious." I am fortunate enough to live in an area in which venison is available at a small fraction of the price of more conventional cuts and I avail of it when run out of meat to eat. Just by the by: I have a younger sister named Sheree, second name Kim. Limit the guinea pig to one person each time. We will have to feed them cuy and convert them! A dying guinea pig will become very weak and unable to feed or water himself as his death approaches. There can be a lot of reasons behind the same. In fact, they probably bring up childhood memories of our first fluffy family addition. It wasn’t until the Spanish came and started sending guinea pigs to Europe that the furry creatures were treated as pets. A frequent diet change, improper diet, or some other health issues … Whilst cooked guinea pig can be found all over Ecuador and Peru, there are certain places which are recommended more than others. Across South America today, guinea pigs are known to the locals as Cuy. "They were encouraging people to switch from cattle to guinea pigs," Miller says. Believe it or not, guinea pigs originated in the Andean region (Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Peru) and were originally raised specifically for eating. "But finding ways to reduce our carbon footprint is a good idea, and so is eating small livestock, like guinea pigs. Guinea pig, (Cavia porcellus), a domesticated species of South American rodent belonging to the cavy family (Caviidae). Now, Urubamba customers can expect cuy on the menu about one weekend each month. There are four toes on the forefeet and three on the hind feet. Things as simple as moving the cage, introducing a new guinea pig, an upper respiratory infection, and even ectoparasites like lice can stress your guinea pig out enough so that it doesn't eat and develops ileus. It is not a recent development that has seen guinea pigs end up on the plates of humans. Keep it fresh. But there may be more to gain from eating guinea pig than bizarre foods bragging rights. For many of us living in the UK and US, guinea pigs don’t get our mouths watering. I spend my time wandering from one place to another without a clue what I am doing. Most venison is rendered palatable by soaking it in a brine consisting of 1 tablespoon of salt to each litre of water. Now, the rodents are increasingly showing up on plates in the United States. Neither would speak on record, but each said they are now importing more guinea pigs than ever before. Remember that even dogs are eaten in many countries and guinea pigs have been a source of nutritious food for the Inca for centuries. Guinea Pig Losing Weight Despite Eating, in the context of medicine, health, or physical fitness, refers to a reduction of the total body mass, due to a mean loss of fluid, body fat or adipose tissue or lean mass, namely bone mineral deposits, muscle, tendon, and other connective tissue. Usually it is dried alfalfa grass pressed into pellets and sometimes has other things like corn, carrots, and seeds. Make sure your guinea pigs have access to fresh water all the time, and if it’s from a bottle make sure it works and your guinea pigs are able to extract the water. Changes to a guinea pig’s diet must be done gradually. The skin is extra salty and is fried to the point where it cracks as you cut it. Miller at The Nature Conservancy says guinea pig is "delicious, very tender and hard to compare to anything else" — not even chicken. From a personal point of view, I would definitely recommend Cuenca’s restaurant ‘Tres Estrellas’ in which to try guinea pig. She says the meat can be tough and stringy. Feed your guinea pig primarily green leafy vegetables. With all of the current focus on preserving the environment,  some activists are trying to market guinea pigs as a carbon-friendly beef alternative. It always amazes me how many people are willing to eat meat but won’t acknowledge the process which has to happen for the food to reach our plates. Some vegetables can be provided few times a day, some few times a week . Whilst I am not veggie, I can see their point. If your guinea pig has an issue with its guts or is dehydrated, the poop can turn dry and tear-shaped. Leave for 12 hours at first and then adjust according to you taste. The animals — called cuyes in Spanish — are usually cooked whole, often grilled, sometimes deep fried. It also includes the different food groups humans should be eating from. We are currently doing such immeasurable harm to our planet in the name of feeding ourselves which we could easily reduce through lifestyle changes. The Salt contacted several federal regulatory agencies, including USDA and Fish and Wildlife, but none seemed to track guinea pig imports. It is not a recent development that has seen guinea pigs end up on the plates of humans. Chef Astorga at Urubamba says cuy — which he describes as "about the size of a squirrel" — has "tender flesh and very tender skin." No skimping on plentiful grass hay, fresh water, and vitamin C. The guinea pig diet is mainly hay; we’re talking about 80% hay. In just months, such a collection may have doubled in size. I have been told by locals to avoid the rainforest regions and instead try Cuy in the Andes mountain range. I would say it is most similar to a good pork crackling.Â. Our guinea pig feeding guide is our version of “The Eatwell guide” which is a document produced in the UK that shows how much we should eat every day. For more strange foods you can try in Ecuador, check out this post on jungle town Misahuallí! Not going to lie, thinking about that as you’re pondering your menu choice isn’t helpful. He says the nose, ears and fingery little hands are the best bites of all — but Oka removes the animals' extremities to avoid offending sensitive diners. hide caption. Eating roasted or fried guinea pig is an ancient tradition in parts of South America, and still common today. Tim and I decided to put Cuy in our Ecuador itinerary and try it in the city of Cuenca. For more strange foods you can try in Ecuador, check out this post on jungle town Misahuallí! The fact is that if you eat meat, you should accept that it comes from an animal. Changes in diet can have a serious impact on guinea pig’s health. I completely agree that sustainable meat sources are the future and raising your own is probably the best way to go. Guinea Pig Bowls on Since then, demand has climbed every year, according to Carlos Atorga, who opened Urubamba in 1976. South American restaurants on both coasts seem to be pushing the trend, answering to demand mostly from Andean expats for what is considered a fine and valuable food in Ecuador, Peru and Colombia. Some people are purely vegan, and vegetarian and don’t eat meat or animal products at all. The thought of … Guinea pigs on the grill 2018 has been a year of firsts for me. A 750 pound steer can forage on grass alone if needed. The animals go for $17 a plate, each cuy splayed down the middle like a lobster and served with a front leg and a back, an eye, an ear and a nostril. In the West, it would be fair to say we are all very removed from what ends up on our plate. That is definitely less land than the average cow requires! Guinea pigs make a variety of sounds or vocalizations, some of which most owners will recognize. But, if you do, guinea pig meat is a healthy option. Although your dog can't properly digest these things, none of them are harmful. After all, having dogs as pets didn't stop me from trying that meal in Cambodia. Very few of us feel comfortable eating something cuddly and even less of us feel comfortable watching our food be killed. Changing brands suddenly could trigger gastrointestinal upset or cause your guinea pig to stop eating pellets. Jason Woods, the nonprofit's Americas regional program assistant, says guinea pigs — which he says usually weigh no more than 2 pounds — are twice as efficient as cows at turning food, like hay and compost scraps, into meat: To render a pound of meat, a cow, he explains, may require 8 pounds of feed. It seems to me that through eating guinea pig we may not only reduce our carbon footprint but also become a little more open-minded about our neighbours as well. They are docile, which makes them much easier to farm then larger animals. While guinea pig may be attaining star status as a hold-your-nose-and-roll-the-camera bizarre food, whether an animal so favored as a pet in the United States will become a mainstream piece of protein is, perhaps, doubtful. But here, in the Andean mountains of Ecuador, guinea pigs aren’t treated as cuddly companions; they’re bred, boiled and deep-fried for dinner.

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