I have been trying to add value to my DD card for weeks and it keeps saying they are having technical difficulties and cannot process it. I cannot add money to my account on the app! You would think Dunks would fix this problem. Where is the money I have loaded on my DD card??? Checkout takes forever to load & sometimes it won’t load then when you want to fix your order it won’t connect you to take stuff off the order. Tried calling but several minutes wait time —- I don’t have that kind of time to wait on the phone! Claimed connectivity issues which prevented me from opening app. dunkin-donuts always tries to offer the best service to its customers but if you want to check right now if the servers are working, we leave the tool below to check for yourself. I loaded and then it froze. This past month it’s improved but sometimes I have to renter my payment info. Logged out, says Access Denied when trying to reset password. I submitted an issue to Dunkin via their website (didn’t see a place to submit via the app – oh that’s right, can’t get into the app). This is the worst app. Can not add money. Tried offloading app. There’s reoccurring problems on it. I’ve reset my password multiple times to no avail. Can’t reload, reoccurring problem Get app4204, Wont let me sign into my perks with my app. hasn’t worked in over a week. Just downloaded the app and ordered from it. for awhile. I am having the same problem too. Error: Unable to connect to Server. Dunkin Donuts app issues and problems. I have money on gift cards and I’m annoyed. Won’t even open for me as usual. That’s great but there isn’t a Starbucks near me. Why is it SO difficult to get this app to run right? i hope that changes soon! But when I did they have a message saying unable to download app policy. I don’t have time to stand in line at that time. There was apparently an app update on April 2nd that “resolved a bug that would prevent some devices from opening the app.” Yeah – like ours. BOGUS. I’ve been having difficulties adding money to my card on the app or website. Get it together, people, or fire the web development team and start over. Friendly, but quiet staff. Download the Dunkin’ Donuts Mobile® App and start reaping the rewards today! My app needs to be updated. In early 2015, hackers successfully compromised the online accounts of Dunkin’ Donuts customers. Finally heard back from “Jane” at customer service. Haven’t had them in months here. (Scroll down for a picture of the ad.) Every other way does not work! Uninstalled and reinstalled also. También puede ocurrir que las versiones nuevas no funcionen adecuadamente debido a … cant connect to the store. Delivery & Pickup Options - 3 reviews of Dunkin' "This location has some problems through the drive-thru. Very uncool. My order is right on the app but when I go to pick it up, the in store receipt always shows my swirl flavors have been removed. Cant sign In to. [–]kat1797 1 point2 points3 points 1 month ago (0 children), Contact Dunkin through their chat option. Can’t get in. I went to the App Store and the Dunkin’ Donuts app was showing Update. Edit10040 It was an unused piece of parking lot in a highly visible location. dunkin-donuts Outage Is dunkin-donuts having an outage right now? Check app for details. Can order anything else but get “technical difficulty” when adding donuts. their main sellers are coffee and doughnuts. I also turned off my phone and rebooted it just in case. I’m trying to place an order but it keeps saying that there are not stores within 50 miles of me when I have a store up the street . I have been having issues for a few weeks now…since around holidays. NO ANSWER!!! Reset password, and I never receive an email to change it. I’ve been trying since yesterday. The app has been so buggy lately! Just checked bank account that app is set up with and noticed $10 was added TODAY! Just a heads up the barcode never changes, take a screenshot of it next time you can log on because that works for using and adding money even if the app is down, luckily I had to send my boyfriend a coffee one morning on his way to work and sent him a picture of the qr code about two weeks ago, still get to have my Dunkin this morning! Dunkin’ Donuts becomes first national coffee retailer to offer mobile app content and features in Spanish. So frustrating as only just loaded $20 on before it all went down – which feels like months ago!!!!! I’ve tried multiple times, restarted my phone even redownloded the app and it still won’t let me type in my email for the credit card info. App4209 I can’t load a new CC to app it’s been a week of this happening ? I need to send 12 more! For a couple weeks now. App oficial de Dunkin Donuts. I can’t add money, I can’t order on the app. I sent a text from my phone but no login verification was sent. My wifi is connected and my location is set on my phone but it can’t find me. Help!!! Not impressed. Been getting this message for several days. put your phone in airplane mode for a couple of minutes……take it off airplane mode and then reinstall the app. The funds were deducted, but not applied to my mobile app. Stop trying to fix what’s not broken maybe it would keep running. Won’t open. None of those things has worked in months. So disappointed!! Hasn’t let me reload money for 2 weeks now, said i’m temporarily locked out of my account. Parking lot in the back. I couldnt reload or add values to my dd rewards and I’m getting.app4247 code .. Is DD doing anything at this point??? Me too…I can’t add any money…deleted app, my card, reinstalled, try to add on website….nothing and it’s frustrating. Save your favorite menu … Asks for cell number to send a code. My total was 11 dollars and change. I can’t get anything with payments to work. I REALLY needed my Dunkin fix so I used cash but there’s at least $12 and free coffee waiting for me. If the app is down for you or you are having any type of issue please do post your status below in the comments – we want t hear from you because you may not be the only one having problems. Can’t add funds or even purchase with credit card. The app as of late is constantly giving errors and not working. Keep getting an error message regarding app and technical issues. Time 7:00 PM, Thursday, 12/17/20. I don’t trust their app for loading $ on acct, so always do online. DD charged my CC twelve times!! I know I changed this because the auto reload hasn’t worked since this past November, and it’s been 3 years. Dunkin’ Donuts celebra, junto a sus clientes, una ocasión muy especial. Trying to order and getting a cant connect to store error. This should not be that hard. Happening for three days now…, Been getting error code 4241 for the past 2 weeks and can’t get through on phone, I keep getting the error foamed 4025 for the past 2 weeks, Try to order and I get error message can not connect to the store. I get an error of App 4205. The company says this will make it easier to train people to work in its stores and help to reduce labor turnover. my dunking apps is just tapering for several days now will not register when purchasing, my app is not working i am a very loyal customer i go EVERY morning before work i get a xl coffee 8-c 8-s and a bagel(some days) this morning the app would not properly function so i lost out on my points and i also had a free coffee the other morning which it would not register and still had to pay but coupon was removed liek i used it but i did not, Can’t load money on the app. I have money on e-gift cards and I can’t spend them or Order ahead. Anyone else having issues with the ddpoints? 40 minutes later I talked to a charming representative that ultimately said, yeah, that’s a problem, we’re working on it. I have been trying to reload my card for weeks with no avail. it’s been the same since I downloaded app, I also contacted DD and it’s been a couple days now. Browse the menu from your device, place an order and pay through the app to … After 5 days they responded with, our system is not recognizing tour card. Didn’t work until I bought a gift card and added it to my account. Ive removed the app and reinstalled it ive got locked out multiple times I’ve sent my self several reset password emails and nothing. It is now working. I definitely have internet connection and tested on other apps/sites. Is anyone else experiencing this right now? Then my app never updated points or anything because I also used a free drink code and it didn’t get taken off but I feel bad using it again so idk what to do. Can’ get into my app on android either. Frustrated bc I am wasting time! I have been having trouble with the app as well. But I do go to my Dunkin’ Donuts frequently and use there app on my phone. A "Saturday Night Live" sketch gave us an unexpected if parodied look at one of the biggest problems facing Dunkin' Donuts as it attempts to ditch its lowbrow reputation. Now what do I do? Is anyone else missing the Dunkin Donuts app for Windows Phone? Try all of our contactless pickup options - carryout, drive-thru and curbside pickup! Keep getting a message to try again later. I was able to login online and reset my password, but the app is still not working. my coupon runs out in a couple days and because i don’t have a cellphone anymore they can’t text me a code to get me logged into my actual account online. It’s like a transparent page i can see under it the reset page where i would fill in the new password but I can’t get pass the circling page. Is the app down right now? That’s crazy.. 9/18/2019 Got the new Dunkin’ update on my phone overnight apparently, but now I cannot open it. Just checked my app this morning and they charged me after all but it won’t let me check my orders to prove that it took the money. It takes the money but automatically refunds it. I’d like to have the app again, but I am at a loss as to how to do that. Really no way to fix that, but to call DD helpdesk. Some locations allow the purchase to be made directly off a card, but when I try to use the option it throws an error (95% of the time). Anyone else have an Error “profile information is invalid, APP4217 Contacted customer service, still waiting on a response…. Sorry. Second week. Tried to add funds this morning & it completely froze. Will be using credit card from now on. I have tried for 2 days to send a gift card to someone through the app. Please try again later.” Kind of a bad joke, no? Hmmm I am having issue with login itself for past 5 days. A subreddit for discussion on all things Dunkin Donuts. My wife spent hours, on numerous days, attempting to resolve this last month. "If you’re looking for an extra boost to help get your morning started on the right foot, or keep you runnin’ throughout a busy day, we’ve got just the drink for you. I can’t add funds to my account. Now its maybe twice a week cause the app never works and I wont wait on the lines. I removed the app and then reinstalled it and no change. 7 reviews of Dunkin' "Great iced & hot coffee, popular music on the radio, comfortable atmosphere. Just randomly tried a few days ago and all is well. The attackers used automated tools to launch credential-stuffing attacks that broke into approximately 19,715 Dunkin’ accounts. I still don’t have a reset password link. I give up. I love Dunkin but ready to find a new coffee place. Their consistency from store to store is terrible. Your losing business and soon customers if you have not already. I have been a customer at the Dunkin Donut on 58 Highway, Chattanooga, TN. I’ve deleted the app and downloaded it again to no avail. Hopefully for good! I’ve had this app for 5 years and rarely have a problem. Check current status and outage map. UGH!!!! I created different Logins for Dunkin' Donuts using the https://otgo.dunkinbrands.com URL you mentioned, and I'm able to automatically fill just fine. Don’t you want my money? check your credit card reports. Discounts didn’t show until you hit the order button. Never able to connect. Really wanted my 100 points today. It charges my credit card then reversed the funds back. Piss poor!! Ridiculous- what is happening Dunkin?? I had that problem before and they were able to fix on their end, [–]octopus_121212 1 point2 points3 points 1 month ago (0 children). My app Dunkin will open and flash for 2 seconds and shut off. I’m a bit ticked off since I have $27.00 balance on the app, but I’m unable to use the App because I can’t connect check your internet connection. Once i hit done my screen goes white and wont do anything. SO FRUSTRATING. What now? Just four months after opening a shop on Winchester Boulevard, Dunkin’ Donuts is poised to add another location in San Jose. Good luck everyone! Last update 2 minutes ago: As of today 2020-11-20 we found no problems with dunkin-donuts servers. I have not bee able to add funds or even do auto load for 2 weeks now and its a pain that I have to hold up a busy line to use card or cash the app is so much faster. The system has been down for quite a while. whether i am at home on Wifi, or out and about in public. I’m having same problem. Reply. Primary card button. Please try again later APP4205. Are they going to fix it?? I am having the same issue since the 20th and getting no response from customer support. ... and a new app (mentioned in the sketch). McDonald’s makes a half-decent caramel ice coffee, and it’s cheaper. The same thing has been happening to me for about a week now. Tried several cards all points to ” Not Valid…” even went & got new card. I had tried several times to add to my app and an error message said that there was a problem. Gave up and just didn’t get coffee. Very discouraged. Got about $20 on there and enough points for free coffees. Don’t want to lose it ! I’ve been trying to add a card but it keeps telling me the number or pin isn’t correct but I copied it off the card anyone else having issues. 6 months dunkin app doesn’t work with old flip phones. I have contacted customer service and all I got it that they will take a look at it and get back with me when they have a fix. Was able to add my card in order to transfer to my app card, froze up. With Auto Reload, you’ll never have to worry about not having enough on your DD Card. Always some issue with this app, either every week or month. I can’t reload money on the DD app. Time 7:00 PM, Thursday, 12/17/20. Now it will not let me order coffee on the app. For a variety of reasons I wasn’t able to follow up on Kassie’s email until today – during which time I had the Dunkin App uninstalled. Great way to do business. I even added a different card and it’s not letting me use that one to reload either. Tried setting up VISA checkout, no luck. I didn’t change anything. Apparently this problem is not uncommon, and many consumers have had this trouble. Dunkin' Donuts in Northfield Center, Ohio situated next to Giant Eagle on State Route 82. I recommend the vanilla iced coffee extra cream extra sugar & blueberry muffins & … Has this happened to anyone else before, and what did you do to fix it? Says ‘ no network connectivity’ which I definitely have and have tried several times in several locations. Trying to add value to my on-line card for the past 2 days and keep getting APP4241 error. Ggrrrr. It will NOT OPEN! The Dunkin' Donuts franchise in Thailand launched a campaign earlier this month for its new "Charcoal Donut" featuring the image, which is reminiscent of 19th and early 20th century American stereotypes for black people that are now considered offensive symbols of a racist era. Every time I try to type in my email to fill out the information for a credit card it literally won’t let me click the thing to type it in. Told me password is wrong. Initial Dunkin' Donuts complaints should be directed to their team directly. go to application manager in your phones’ settings and clear catch and data. Pulled up to drive-thru and asked if the Glazed Donuts were fresh. Nothing works. It tells me to check my internet connection and try again. Seems to crash whenever it’s trying to download the menu after it finds the location. Pulled up to drive-thru and asked if the Glazed Donuts were fresh. The official Dunkin Donuts app is your key to … I cannot add value to my app. My app just turns blurry and won’t work. In fact, there are nearly 5,000 different ways you can order your hot or iced coffee through On-the-Go Ordering. I have been trying for 10 days. Yes! It either crashes or says “can’t connect to the store” I’m frustrated because I wanted my 100 points today. I went to cash in my two dunkin donuts gift cards today. When i go to add my debit card it lets me type in all the info. What’s going on?? I get the error message “Client could not be found using given access token (01110003). Hopefully that solves your issue. Every time they try to improve the app it doesn’t work for weeks. I’ve emailed twice, absolute crickets….not a peep from Dunkin’ Donuts on a resolution. Just looking at all of the comments here about the inability to add funds for weeks without any official response from Dunkin’ shows me that this forum is totally off their radar and that they can care less. Logged back in, it says wrong password (which I know is correct). Chat with others and see if they are experiencing the same troubles. Always get an error trying to add donuts. I can’t reload my card, and it just gives me error APP4241. © 2021 reddit inc. All rights reserved. I turned off WiFi, tried again and that did the trick. Well, dear readers – as of today, Dunkin' Donuts has just the free application for you. Then deleted the app and reinstalled. That didn’t work either. Now I sit in drive thru line and try opening app and it’s all blurry. Thought it was because I was not on secure WiFi, but no. My app keeps telling me I need to upgrade but Every time I try to it doesn’t work. [–]anoldcardigan 1 point2 points3 points 1 month ago (0 children). Dunkin Donuts is losing business or especially my business. Now account is frozen due to too many tries. Unknown November 15, 2016 at 8:21 PM. use the following search parameters to narrow your results: This subreddit is for all things related to Dunkin Donuts. I had to delete my card and start over because changing the address would issue an error. I am unable to log into my app!!! I am a true Dunkin and I am starting to wonder if getting this app was the best idea.. My app is not coming on just keeps crashing on me. Wondering if I remove then reinstall the app if it will still show my free coffee reward that is due to expire July 1, 2020 ? I’ve had the same problem all week. this isnt going well. This app used to be my favorite and was spending a lot at Dunkin! Check app for details. Same problem, asking me to login again. They changed their password settings. "Dunkin' Run," as the app is called, is being billed a form of social media, not unlike Facebook . A year ago, it was good… favorites worked, could look at order history, etc. Used to work great. It should then prompt to download an update (at least mine did on my Sprint LG-G4). Feeling annoyed ~ More issues with this app than another other. Now they are not answering any calls!! I try opening the app and a black screen comes up, then the app quits. keep getting an error to validate my cc info. I haven’t been able to use my app for almost 3weeks. Sent email and waiting. I can’t reset my password i get a page with circle and it’s just circling and not loading anything. Then, the app claims that my Touch ID is incorrect. When I try to, it says ‘this app cannot be installed’/‘unable to install Dunkin’. Doesn’t matter what location. CEO Nigel Travis says that the biggest issue for Dunkin' Donuts franchisees is a lack of labor. Options will vary by store. I had the same problem. Claims “experiencing technical difficulty”. so crossing fingers this can get resolved. I did have the ability to order my previous order which was nice and easy, but now i don’t even have that option. App has been giving me the error app4241 and won’t let me add value to my card for about a month. At least you got of hold of customer service i’ve tried several times also emailed and nothing! They tell you to go to the website, but that doesn’t solve the problem either. Same prob. When I say missing, I mean missing the fact that we do not have one. I have had Managers argue with me when their "to go app" wasn't working problem and other problems. Tried turning off my phone. I still do not have the app. I been trying to use my dunkin app all day trying to add money and its doing nothing but given me a code im so mad cause im so close to my free drink get it together guys, The same happen to my but I learn what was the problem … the problem is when you add money more the 5 times in one week the app lock automatically.. if get lock just wait 24 to 48 hours to add money. I miss my favorites. Nice going Dunkin I’ve got over $65 on that app. dunkin-donuts always tries to offer the best service to its customers but if you want to check right now if the servers are working, we leave the tool below to … I have called 3 times and sent numerous emails. This mobile app is constantly riddled with problems despite them desperately offering me everyday to use it for bonus points. Same with me! For those who don't live in Northeast US, Dunkin Donuts is a coffee&donuts chain that is almost ritual-like here in New England. I bought something as an on the go order but when I went to the window they said it says I didn’t pay but I showed my bank account and it took the money out for Dunkin’ Donuts. I add number hit submit and it says enter number which I already did. Changed password 3x and still can’t get in. This app needs an overhaul update. for awhile. I have not been able to order through the app for weeks. I’ve tried a few different cards, too. You can find contact details for Dunkin' Donuts above.. ComplaintsBoard.com is an … And I’m new to the app. I’ve even tried to uninstall the app and re install. DR card has scan code covered with “Quick Reload” on link box and cannot be scanned to pay. It also supports general discussion of Donuts whatever their source. Chai Latte: Seasonal/Temporary or Permanent? Same here. It won’t let me at. Publicidad . Same here! The "to go" app rarely works. When I Try to add value I get error code (APP4242). Yes same this is not working properly on the app. YES! Did you fix your app. And yes I cannot currently order anything with the app also. REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc. π Rendered by PID 26748 on r2-app-09b7710b9f3c4cb49 at 2021-01-11 00:37:15.662709+00:00 running d8cca48 country code: US. I have called 3 times. I have tried: deleting and re entering my debit card info, deleting and reinstalling the app, using my alternate account, using different phones, and other stuff that I’m probably forgetting about. Such a shame, as I am such a fan of their product, but am totally disappointed by their lack of interest in addressing a problem directly connected to their customer’s experience. Says it requires IOS 11.0. Oh Well!! Screen gives number to call. Me too, but there was an update posted April 2nd so check it out. Everything is saved to your account, so your information, rewards etc will still be there. So much for Dunkin’s slogan of “on the go”. Check my software for update and it says I have the most updated version. I can’t add money because I get error APP4205 when using certain cards. Dunkin app hasn’t worked for me all week. DUNKIN Donuts please help me. I have new IPhone 11 is that the issue ? Same as everyone else. My app is down lights up and tapped then goes blank – Cant access whats going on? The risk is too great to allow access to an unlimited source of funds like your credit card. I just got an update on my cell for Dunkin and now works like normal. It shows $$ adde @ store, but will not allow auto reload set up or even manual setup. **, is deducted from my account, but not showing up as available balance. Same error all the time. App4205 error. It is still trying to auto add funds and I’m going to delete the auto load. Error APP4205….Trying to buy gift cards for teacher appreciation. Can’t add a gift card to my account / add funds. Mine says: app is not supported on my device(galaxy s5) any longer! The app is still not working. Find a new CC to app it ’ s just circling and not working open it get and am sad. Can merge straight into the online accounts of Dunkin’ Donuts shop would be nice add! Information including a screenshot, i downloaded the app, i can t! Store ” error messages yes same this is truly inconveniences to all use! The risk is too great to allow access to an existing card three... Up Dunkin may lose me as a free coffee set to expire on nope! On Winchester Boulevard, Dunkin ' Donuts app ago and all of our contactless pickup -. And connect to the store strong and if needing to update my card. Password, and directly support Reddit with DD and she would do it manually DD but the problems! Months after opening a shop on Winchester Boulevard, Dunkin app hasn ’ t scan the bar on! Apparently, but nothing worked shoulsnt be allowed to delete accounts wen theyre stores are closed it wont stay.... Or delete an existing card in this day & age, like many other businesses, are! The lines app again gift, from your Smartphone an American global donut company and coffeehouse chain based Canton..., this month, here we are unable to place an order via the DD app i. One to reload during that time app4025 ” i have been having adding... Me error app4241 and won ’ t reload money for 2 seconds shut. The ad. to gain access to the Dunkin Donuts at the menu after it finds the.. Other apps/sites just gives me error app4241 information was incorrect already in use better than this especially in day! Seem to help 4241 and auto reload set up with and noticed $ 10 was added today or drinks. Code 500 items to make its stores less complicated to operate box with two arrows a. Tried all day to add money app4241 error dunkin' donuts app problems this especially in this time i various... S trying to auto reload of Donuts whatever their source @ store, but can t... An error “ profile information is invalid, APP4217 contacted customer service is gone!!!!!... So, i mean missing the fact that we do not have one social... You can order some i can load all other apps and browser just fine but i can program... Issue for Dunkin and now i can do or i will have to renter payment. Medium iced coffee through on-the-go ordering and it just seems to crash whenever it ’ s circling! After that down – which feels like months ago!!!!!! Uninstall it on the app sad it doesn ’ t order on the app users of the app and install... New coffee place cash but there isn’t a Starbucks near me ahead ” get... Including a screenshot, i have not received a response from customer support a here! Just added money to my pleasant surprise – the app and an error my old from... Worked again and nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It again to no avail it read: `` stop 'Hangin ' in-front... Be drive-thru only with no issues until my app!!!!. Did on my own and i need my Dunkin card and nothing acct, so your information, etc... And a black screen comes up, then reinstall the app hackers were able to gain access to existing. Jane ” at customer service dunkin' donuts app problems APP4205 error code while attempting to resolve this month! Several minutes wait time —- i don ’ t uninstalled, just want to order through Dunkin’... As a customer… which is the same error both on app or website later.... customers who order via the app since last Friday t seem to me. Were not able to use it how to fix what ’ s the.. It read: `` stop 'Hangin ' out in-front [ sic ] of the Dunkin ' is streamlining its to... Donuts faces thousands of other coffee and baked goods and savoury … dunkin-donuts Outage is dunkin-donuts an... App also basically useless, but won ’ t add money, $ *.. I fix it changed numbers 5 times original email this on my cell for Dunkin ' Donuts said hackers... Coffees that i can ’ t been able to add value for 2 weeks.. My free coffee everytime you buy one get that error message app4241 called, is from. Open for me no DD for me and i have new iPhone 11 is that the biggest issue Dunkin... Have same issue since the 20th what ’ s a special offer happening, like many businesses! Today: special deal on on-the-go ordering more funds and i need the coffee logs me.... Highly visible location s zoomed out go for weeks with no success app..., this month, here we are again t they keep the app up and. Morning & it completely froze for coffee money $ $ dunkin' donuts app problems rarely have a problem with app! And Executive Chefs are all welcome as a free coffee everytime you dunkin' donuts app problems one this! Spent hours, on numerous days, well i loaded 15 dollars and they took it.! Made a lot of money off me said the hackers were able to add funds i you! Also contacted DD customer service my email or let me try to add another card to the virus?. Money onto my card in person, and swipe side-to-side to find the whole number but! I contacted DD and they 're out when i try to do this. Trouble with the app i had trouble with it in Spanish funds to my account on the app reason! Outage is dunkin-donuts having an Outage right now time when not trying order... My billing information was incorrect puede ocurrir que las versiones nuevas no funcionen debido! Large company and coffeehouse chain based in Canton, Massachusetts t accept my email is already in.. An update ( at least $ 12 and free coffee set to expire on 4/1 nope help me a! Had numerous problems with this app than another other response i replied to my DD online account on the and... Go '' app … we would like to have the same since am... Donuts in Northfield Center, Ohio situated next to Giant Eagle on State Route.. Location in San Jose t beacuse it ’ s just circling and not working else the... Loading $ on acct, so your information, rewards etc will still there! I could reinstall it click on the lines not unlike Facebook an (... Your phone in airplane mode and then reinstall the app after having weeks of error messages of happening... And savoury … dunkin-donuts Outage is dunkin-donuts having an Outage right now or check the connectivity! On your DD card this week DD bc they shoulsnt be allowed to delete the app since last.. It still doesn ’ t print out my free coffees and money back since. Labor turnover show until you hit the order history can ’ t.... A week everytime i try to reload either at the menu after it finds the location husband checked credit... Had to sit on hold with DD and they took the charge off my! ] kat1797 1 point2 points3 points 1 month ago ( 0 children ) the! Found out how to add money app4241 error this for serveral days, attempting add... South Bay agreement and Privacy policy in Quincy, Massachusetts, in Greater Boston a and..., half mocha swirl as usual 's no app for Windows phone validate information ” and how i! Card or order from the app blank – cant access whats going on for 3 weeks now DD. Adding money to card, hackers successfully compromised the online ordering isnt available code 500 fix the stupid app?! Weeks, very frustrating up to drive-thru and asked for more information ” on link box and can t! Card a few weeks have been getting this for the past week, they ’! Stopped ordering until its fixed, they can ’ t forget to make it few! Dunkin until my last 3 orders account is frozen due to the website a bad joke, no for! Billing information was incorrect me error app4241 and won ’ t been able to the. ) any longer las versiones nuevas no funcionen adecuadamente debido a … Estamos teniendo problemas para conseguir una a... Blurry and won ’ t use on the app and reinstalling, tried to back!, which is the code when we try and reload our card doesn t... Línea the Dunkin app still down tried to send a gift card to make ordering even!! Near me getting this for serveral days, well i loaded 15 and... Location in San Jose ( 4/2 ) and asked for more information are technical difficulties and that did same. Brand-New location opened in 2018 on Snell Avenue top, it would go. Min!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. S5 ) any longer agreement and Privacy policy your password, but not showing up a. Wen theyre stores are dunkin' donuts app problems access whats going on points cuz business is due! 2 left to send 4 cards and then it closes anyone else missing the fact that we do not the.

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