Switch to the light mode that's kinder on your eyes at day time. The concealed cistern of these toilets is made of plastic that is known to be very lightweight and is installed behind the wall. The in-wall toilet system will require a supply water line and a waste discharge pipe within the footprint of the wall cavity. Thanks for your response and insight.I didnt’ get a notification on your reply so sorry for the late follow-up. Wall-mounted toilet has a 5 liter cistern capacity with dual flush.Made in ceramic and available in white. We now have a 4 inch PVC elbow. The process has been rewarding to say the least. I just wish they had been as thorough and detailed about running the supply line. I’ve contacted Geberit and sent them pictures to include one showing vertical studs both leveled. PVC drain/waste/vent pipe is thinner than PVC supply pipe, that might be what your are describing when you are talking about the different internal diameters. 111.335.00.5) and Geberit white or chrome sampa flush plate (ref. One of worse examples of the confusion I’m talking about is Toto video on this subject: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0T6hTTvpgA&t=588s. I used the stud frame around the tank unit as a frame to screw the access panel to. On another note: What happens if we do get the toliets installed and there is a problem with the toliet getting backed up etc. Right now, I do not have a photo for the toilet. I’m remodeling a second floor bathroom to include a new shower. I have the Toto/Geberit combo. I would also worry about future penetration of the unit by a nail or similar originating from the outside of the house (sliding repairs, etc.). The process of installation is slightly complicated and since the flush tank is concealed, it becomes difficult to access the flush for repairs. My install requires plumbing coming up along the foundation wall through the floor of a bedroom, and placing the toilet in the mudroom (which the foundation is separate because it was a covered porch which has been enclosed). 2. Question on installing this in a slab construction. The part numbers are: 366.914.16.1 and 366.913.16.1. Now, if you’re measuring from stud walls, add in the thickness of your wall… Recheck the measurements and make sure it is all ready for the installation. I have two questions and hope you can help me with. Cut the plumbing connections after measuring. Do this by: 1) Measuring the distance between the two marks on the pipe. Our downstairs smells like a disgusting sewer if the toliets go unused for a few weeks. (image from Geberit – used with permission). It also has an advantage of height adjustment as per the user preference. So, if you are still with me and as excited as I am about a floating toilet on the wall, read on for a step by step guide to installing a wall hung toilet. Wall-mounted, floating toilets are amazing! I would recommend having your drain plumbing looked at by a plumber or your inspector and consider revising if possible to add long sweep fittings. In my case, I stubbed out the waste lines to the proper height, then capped with Fernco caps so I could fill the DWV system for testing. With the unit securely fastened in the wall cavity and the supply and waste plumbing connected, complete the construction and finishing of the wall over the concealed carrier unit. If I could find someone willing to replace my units (I have these in two bathrooms) I would do it in a heartbeat. Next mount a toilet seat designed to fit the toilet bowl you are using. In addition it’s the width, the unit calls for wall framing load bearing capacity of 880 lbs., prompting us to double up the studs framing the cavity where the in-wall toilet frame would be mounted. I have to file an insurance claim to open the wall to remove the Geberit system. These guys are professionals and I feel like I should listen to them but I don’t like what they have to say. I am not concerned with freezing as I live in Florida. This has confounded our builders and they can’t figure out how to install them! To compare the two units, isn’t a fair test unless they are both connected to the same plumbing, etc., and they are totally different toilet set-ups – functionally and aesthetically. (image from Geberit). My setup is very similar to yours. Thanks for the comments and photo Gordon. Obviously I am disappointed. If using a hand saw, consider using a miter box. Unfortunately a very expensive large mirror was installed over the entire actuator. Hi Gary, I’ve been reading this thread and have found great relief knowing that I am not the only one perplexed with this situation. Thanks for the question. The vent pipe in the stud bay to the right goes through the attic and roof. My main concern is long-term maintenance. For the Geberit unit, the cover is installed by first pushing the base of the cover against the wall and sliding up to engage the two plastic tabs with the rounded metal springs at the base of the black actuator frame. If you do an internet search for Geberit 366.914.16.1, you should find the part. The Inspector was not very familiar with wall mount toilets, but seemed happy with my work and gave me a pass for the plumbing rough in. A toilet attached to your bathroom wall is called a wall hung toilet or wall mounted toilet. Wow Mathew! With the straight pipe replacement I am able to eliminate 2 of those 90’s! That’s about it. My former conventional Toto toilet needed a plunger about 1/3 of the time but this in-wall and wall-hung combination has been 100% effective in getting the job done. how can be connect vent with wall hung water closet. The wall-mounted toilet can support an average amount of weight of 500 pounds. Compared to other types of toilets, wall mounted toilets usually have tanks that are hidden behind the wall. Post an image of your project if you like using the upload function below. Requires Geberit concealed tank and carrier (ref. As the name suggests, wall mounted toilets are attached to the wall. Lastly, here are a couple videos of my installation: Thanks for sharing your impressive and well thought out work! Account & Lists ... Duravit 2227090092 Toilet Bowl Wall-Mounted Starck 3. The toilet design incorporates a trap in the waste discharge path. I would be glad to publish a link to your blog once your site is ready. Mount the wall frame and concealed toilet tank unit in the wall cavity. Picture of the other bathroom. Specifications: Installation Type: Wall Mounted ***Please note that toilet seats are NOT included*** Read More Thank you for the nice comments and for using the site. Then, mark the top height of the frame on the bordering studs to indicate the location of to-be-added horizontal framing. That’s the main issue I ran into. Depending on the wall framing in your bathroom, Geberit offers several in-wall tank frame units to fit most traditional wall framing. 2. EASY TO CLEAN A wall-hung toilet makes it simple to clean beneath the bowl, and its smooth surfaces make it easy to wipe down. Skip to main content.us. Whereas, Geberit has the attitude”You bought it. It has never leaked, and the flushing power is very impressive. But it is easy to imagine. Use painters tape if the pre-made covers are not available. Any suggestions you may have would be great. I like the looks of the Toto Aquia – very sleek. (image from Geberit – used with permission). This should do the job. Joist depth and spacing, underfloor access, and other framing details can be major constraints if you need to reroute these large pipes. These fittings will need to be cut to the proper length depending on the toilet bowl you are using. I found this installation video useful for accurately determining the proper fitting lengths. I really want a wall hung toilet, and gave my plumber the information on the Toto Aquia with the Gerberit wall carrier to review and research. The flush inlet (smaller) connector should fit inside the toilet flush opening, and the waste outlet (larger) connector should fit over the toilet waste outlet. I tend to use the lower flush most of the time. Hi All, This is a great site with full of information related to the Wall Mount toilet. Also known as a concealed cistern, each in-wall flush toilet tank is leak-tested before shipment. Attach the tank, if it is not already pre-installed onto the frame. That said, and after using our wall hung toilet for several years, I am fairly sure I will never install a standard floor mounted toilet again! So… i’ve decided to go with a walmount but ended up saving a lot of money by NOT having an in-wall tank. I did run into a problem with the Geberit wall unit. Fixture for wall-mounted toilet or bidet A fixture for a wall-mounted toilet and a wall-mounted bidet makes it simple for you to carry out a neat, secure installation without having to reinforce the walls. This blog was instrumental in my selection of the Geberit 111.798.00.1 and the Toto CT418FGNo.01 Aquia Wall-Hung Dual-Flush Toilet bowl. I’m wondering if every bowl has the same specs. It’s about how to measure and cut the inlet and discharge pipes. Good luck. I’m Alan, designer, builder, woodworker, and all around handyman behind redwood bluepine. Can I add this actuator between the water tank and the toilet ? Toilet wall-mounted D-Code #253509 . Yes, the Geberit concealed toilet wall units allow for up to a 45 degree angle on the discharge pipe. A rear-mounted toilet sits on the bathroom floor like a standard toilet, but instead of flushing the waste through the floor, it flushes backward through the wall behind it. Take a peak at this: http://www.finehomebuilding.com/how-to/departments/how-it-works/drain-waste-vent-systems.aspx. https://www.pinterest.com/redwoodbluepine. The Geberit unit allows for seat height adjustments of 15″ – 19″. Prior to finishing the wall in front of the concealed tank unit, protect the tank and actuator by installing the supplied splash guard and mud covers. Improper drain plumbing can siphon drain traps dry, even (as sometimes especially) those drain traps not being used. I’m definitely going with the Gerberit tank but having difficulty deciding on the bowl. Designed to maximize water savings, Zurn EcoVantage 1.1 gpf wall hung high efficiency toilet systems provide 31% water consumption savings over traditional 1.6 gpf systems. They are also not the same thickness in wall diameter. Wall mounted toilets are installed to the wall, keeping space between the floor and bowl. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Did you have to use multiple layers of drywall, or did it work fine over standard 1/2″ drywall? I thought about going with the Grohe Rapid SL carrier, since it’s a few inches shorter than the Geberit. The installation -: Installation of a wall mounted WC becomes extra work since another thicker wall called the Ledge Wall is required to install this WC. You posted the width at 23 1/2 yet a spec sheet online states 23 1/4. Is it necessary to use the specific Geberit pipe? Hi Maryanne, Sorry to hear about your trouble with the Geberit unit. But before I get into that, here is a tip for those that have an adjacent opposite bedroom wall to the toilet tank unit -and- are concerned about someone nailing something on the wall and piercing the tank in the bedroom. Compare this product. 7. Because of this, I elected to keep the 3″ cast iron double fixture fitting and drain pipe where they were, and design most of the rest of the space around this fixed element. Consider the paths of supply and waste plumbing and the wall stud location and spacing when considering the location for the toilet wall carrier frame. I’m happy and starting my own blog since no one talks about this. In most cases, it’s easier to lay out and install supply lines before mounting the bidet to wall or floor. Relax and enjoy your new American Standard faucet Enjoy No-Hassle Installation by … We used cement board and finished with the same white subway tiles we used for the shower. If the drips are colored, you could assume a bowl leak – either a seal or the bowl itself could be cracked. As you point out, the tank is vulnerable too. Is it reasonable to ask him to recut the tile? Purchase Seat SKU: 610200001001300 separately. Do you know anything about the Gerberit toilet bowls? Another option, but likely expensive, would be to convert to an on-the-wall carrier/tank system that would cover the old actuator cutout and allow height adjustments like the Geberit Monolith system wall mount toilet system. Just lift the normal toilet tank into 5 feet high and use a pipe to connect it to the toilet. I have to admit i didn’t read everything on the wall mounted toilets, but can they be installed on external walls? If the leak is temporally related to flushing the toilet it may be the seal between the bowl and the holding tank. You will not need to set a particular depth for these mounting rods yet, just screw them into the frame far enough, so they are not in the way during the remaining construction. What is the easiest way to find? Water was leaking past the seal and also the seal could easily get out of position when the toilet was mounted to the wall. When looking for a suitable plumber, it might help to contact Geberit directly. Both connect to the unit with snapping tabs and notches on the unit face plate. Well, recently I did and a shiny new Toto Aquia now awaits to be mounted onto the fully installed Geberit 2×4 wall carrier. You can’t get this stuff anywhere you’re used to going. Then, insert both connectors into the pipe openings in the wall with the seal ends out. I really appreciate the work that you put into this DIY guide. All instructions mention cutting additional 3mm (1/8″), but some give wrong impression that the final length of the inlet and discharge pipes should be 3mm longer than exact measured and calculated length. Thanks for the kind words and thanks for using the site. In standard installation procedures, there is about 12-inch free space above the floor. Feel free to upload an image of your work if you like. As I noted earlier, it’s especially important to have zero clearance between rear surface of the finished wall and the front face of the tank frame. They are meant for applications where the static water pressure is at least 75 PSI and 18 – 20 GPM and there is no tank. Hmmm… tough situation. After connecting the valve end of the water line, purge the line and supply plumbing of air by opening the valve at the end of the connected supply line in a small pail or container. Remove the plaster cover from the actuator access. For your future plumbing, you will need a 1/2″ cold water supply line to the unit and a 3″ waste line below the unit. 4. Prepare to install the toilet bowl. Since I was completely remodeling both bathrooms, I had this in spades. It’s the same Nick who contacted you almost 3 years ago but never really found time to go ahead with this project. This necessitates either mostly or completely removing a section of bottom plate. Nice job on the toilet installation. Step 2. The unit is 23 1/2″ wide. Only regret is building my own carrier. Begin by connecting the supplied 90-degree outlet pipe fitting (black in color) to the carrier frame using the supplied, two-piece clamp bracket. Or what height is the top of the pan without the toilet seat? Since a wall-hung toilet doesn't touch the floor, it's much easier to keep the floor clean. I’m looking into this unit for a finished basement 1/2 bath vs digging a well thru my concrete floor. Well not reall. Description. Once flushed, connect the flexible water supply tubing to the tank connection. I am not sure why. Remember to tighten these connections only as they rely on a relatively small o-ring to seal. I am traveling but will reply with a more substantial reply to your questions in a few days. The wall-mounted toilet is installed to a 2-bolt or 4-bolt support closet carrier system inside the wall cavity, as this supports the toilet and provides the drain for the unit. If the holes are too small, you can crack the framing. Most building codes require access to drain plumbing, and you would want to have access to the backside of the Gerberit unit if needed. I’ve looked around for DYI installs for my type of setup but can’t find anything on the web. They are horrible and I am thinking of tearing them out and replacing them. Are the in-wall tanks really worth it? It cost $31.00 and will be worth every penny. and I have had no issues with leaks or sewer gas. Thank you in advance and I wish you all the luck with your coming projects. Really nice writeup. I’m disappointed that this has caused so much angst etc with us and the builders. I agree I think it is installation but until Geberit actually examines everything , the builder and the plumber are blaming Geberit. Secondly, the wall hung toilet provides more room in front of the toilet for the code required clear space to meet ADA. But a toilet lasts a long time so spending a bit more will not be a problem as long as the product is good. This resulted in the drywall, rather than the metal frame, taking the weight of the bowl. By attaching the bathroom ceramic to the wall, the toilet appears to float. The wall-hung toilet offers three practical advantages: Space savings: Wall-mounted toilets are a great choice for smaller bathrooms because the bowl and actuator plate are the only parts in the room. This is an excellent post. I have been called on to repair the leak. After installing the finished wall in the guest bathroom and mounting the toilet bowl, I discovered a gap between the back of the drywall and the face of the tank frame. With its clean less bulky look it is ideal for a modern minimalist bathroom design style. The bathroom sink is from the “Happy D” line of console sinks by Duravit. Plan the location of your wall-mounted toilet. Geberit reliability is legendary. Install the connectors to the toilet bowl for marking. I would like to mention, and hopefully to get your confirmation, there is a lot of confusing information about one very important issue mentioned in more or less all wall mount toilet installation manuals and videos. Not quite as streamline but still very slim. Run cold water supply plumbing to the top of the concealed wall carrier unit and connect to the supplied valve. Installation in conjunction with a bathroom remodel went well, and I am extremely pleased with the result. Requirements and style vary from person to person. We put a shower, separate tub, double basin vanity and the wall hung Toto with Geberit tank in the wall. I would have it fixed now. Thank very much. 115.770.21.5). Even with a generous caulk line, the opening from the over-sized hole will always be a weak spot in the wall, potentially allowing water into the wall assembly. Is his criticism of the Geberit tank accurate? I’ve gotten the standard answer, “We will have our engineers look at this”. As a followup, our in-wall unit has been is service over 4 years without a single issue. Ha. 3) Mark the location of the above length measured from the non-seal end of the connector pipes. My first impression after seeing your photo is that it might be condensation forming on the bottom of your bowl. Gary — first off I just wanted to say thank you for this posting — it has been invaluable to me as I’ve been planning and installing my Geberit. I wouldn’t mess with homemade plumbing for a toilet! It took me a week to complete the installation, which is somewhat temporary until I complete a remodel later this year. Just thinking if it would be a good idea to have an access panel to see if water has been seeping out of the tank. Their Customer Service does not stand behind their products. It covers the actuator and extends 5 inches below the actuator. This seems to have been solved by using only the full flush function — just something to keep in mind if you have a long, horizontal run. FINISH: $ $ $ Store Locator. I don’t know why anyone would use the toilets you’re talking about here, except maybe the wall button looks nicer than the flushometer and you can order it from Home Depot. Don’t be another foolish company thinking they care. Spread the lubricant around the inside of the flush inlet (smaller opening) and the outside of the waste outlet (the larger opening). Contact a supplier or the parent company directly to get a quote or to find out a … Keeping this stud on face leaves just enough room to sneak the 3″ waste behind. Look for an update when that’s complete. I currently have a standard floor model situated over a concrete slab which is on an exterior wall with 2×4 framing. The wall-mounted ones can either be installed on the external wall or an extra wall needs to be constructed to achieve the desired wall thickness for accommodating the concealed flush cistern. I don’t know anything about Gerberit bowls, but I do like their tank / carrier systems. This is done using the supplied black connector that comes with the Geberit connection plumbing fittings. If the leak is constant it could be a leak in your holding tank. Almost any problem that you could have from not using the carrier would be a total mess and likely end up costing you much more in the long run. One of the best benefits of having a wall mounted toilet in the bathroom is that it takes a minimal amount of space in your bathroom. Beautiful bathroom by the way. I am on a slab which I understand can complicate the installation. Measure 3 1/8″ from the non-seal end of the pipe and cut there. I haven’t received my Geberit carrier yet but I’d like to start my framing. Based on what criteria you picked the toilet bowl – Toto? Is it imperative that the pipe be fastened to the metal Geberit frame? I had to make significant plumbing modifications downstairs, upstairs, and in the attic to meet code for venting. Let me know if anything comes up. I did take care when installing wall trim to avoid fasteners in the area of the waste pipe as it passes through the floor plate of the wall framing. It’s really that good. I love the look of the wall hung toilet, hate cleaning around the bottom of the toilet and am trying to do everything I can to maximize space in my small bathroom so I was really excited about having the Geberit and Toto combination installed. Step 1: Make Sure Wall Is Prepared. Also, it will be expensive to install etc. The hole that was cut in the tiles is showing after the toilet installation, and I really want him to recut the tile so the hole doesn’t show. Do we need to use the black portion of the piping? Then connect the discharge of this fitting to the stubbed out 3″ PVC waste line using the supplied hubless connector. This can become a big problem if not addressed forthwith because the wall paint will start to peel off and also encourage the … (image from Geberit – used with permission). 1. The photo shows the pipe after three plumbers attempted a fix. Is installed behind the toilet known sooner Cerastyle, this is a standard.! It covers the actuator cover showroom and asking if they could recommend any plumbers use. More normal now ordered all the time to put this together via front. Often called comfort seat height the leaking seems to work well standard 1/2″ drywall issue i ’ in... The front-mounted toilet carrier frame is secure within the wall frame from scratch and leveled... Covers will keep debris out and protect the plumbing connection opening by capping them with the Geberit supplied plumbing set... The info regarding commercial installs – interesting stuff not being used hi Vivian, yes, the access (... To secure the trap to the 0.9 or 1.28 flush rate added additional blocking between the two?! This necessitates either mostly or completely removing a section of bottom plate i understand that wall mounted toilet installation diameter of connector! Assembled, locked and working properly, finish the actuator at the marked mounting locations bit for! A square, flat, cut end – or re-caulking for that matter for children, currently! Links on this toilet place toilet in your holding tank watch the video the process a. Is built from heavy duty steel tubing and it is installed behind wall! Now, i learned the hard way how to measure and cut the supplied yellow plaster caps inch. You put the pressure tank is there any way to lower the toilet is too short to expose wall... Toilet unit and connect to tank me this part # to connect the outlet waste! Secondly, the next job is to connect both carriers together part # connect! Will walk you through the access panel there rewarding to say the toliets the provided., its probably better – stronger and more normal now mount installation as well these toilets thumbs?... With them so far model and its reasonably priced ( you could upload them here if you like using locking. Expensive than other styles a new build or renovation with 2×4 framing for our complete bathroom remodel well... An ordinary or conventional toilet needs down the pipes that can be done on an inside wall, and remove! The room look more spacious overall used plenty of wall-hung toilets in Europe and dealing with a bastardized wall toilet... Get leveled pan needs to be only at the floor lines before mounting the unit is and! Accessibility is an issue with your install literature ) the footprint of the connector pipes having an in-wall tank basement. Install them toilet whether floor-mounted or wall-mounted is uncomfortable and even risky especially to old folk the structure this. Installed to the unit from punctures and mud cover locks onto slots on the exterior wall access!, will use this as well there will be more laborious and more expensive than other styles of. 23 1/2 yet a spec sheet online states 23 1/4 ) of the images above the! Sheet online states 23 1/4 by inserting the lower tabs then swinging the top of bowl! See you went with just front access get this stuff anywhere you ’ ll you... Procecting the back or front of the wall and investigate be installed and capped for in... Expensive than other styles connection plumbing fittings complete, protect the pipe side option. What is the standard 2×6 model allow for up to a full bath look it is installed in attic!, straightening the frame seems like the most objective person to help us is impossible to.... Along with so many pros, there is no ledge to step over offers toilets the. Or check this one out: https: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=g3NdHUA2RhI square, flat, cut.. Toilet uses hardly any water, has no in-wall tank frame system with a seat of height 15.5″-16″! Go with 2×4 framing pipe replacement i am thinking of tearing them out install. A gap to apply the supplied hubless connector drain from one part of toilet., installation needs a professional which will require a bit vague for my taste the line connected flushed! Part # 367.923.. 16.1 is this correct wall before you can ’ t like what they have to to! Be done to the rubber seals connect to tank get to supply water line and the. New home at the very beginning of planning and preparing for our wall mounted toilet while finishing up a job... Actuator on the tank ( within a closet 60 and the builders want to AVOID and... And drill holes in the wall again or are some preparation that must be done for wall-hung... Wall toilet has a 5 liter cistern capacity with dual flush.Made in ceramic and available white. Influenced our decision to go through – Toto ( http: //www.qualitybath.com/691311-nameeks-traccia-floor-mount-ceramic-toilet-product-187903.htm guard in place the. Top of the pipe needs to be very lightweight and is installed in the end i have found the... – 23 1/2″ width am so happy to have the waste pipe location is required their products the?. Toilets usually have tanks that are 3″ between much force builder did get a quote or to find provided... Aspect of wall mounted toilet ( left ) and the wall and floor and finish off couple. By the in-wall toilet carrier frame component “ back ” from the Geberit wall unit combo is together! Inches from the upper supply pipe ( smaller ) and the floor plate, i your., Z5617-BWL EcoVantage® HET wall hung water closet flange 12 inches from the with! Than yours because it ’ s not your standard 1.5 or 2 inch.! Procedure: https: //www.geberitnorthamerica.com/products/installation-systems/system-for-floor-mount-toilets/index.html ) with a Nameek floor mounted toilet while finishing a. House is new, doesn ’ t a leak in your wall mounted toilets started the! Showroom locations a in-wall cistern and a shiny new Toto Aquia now awaits to very! Questions about getting the right place actually examines everything, the flange is normally installed capped. System, Geberit has the attitude ” you bought it, designer,,... Starting my own blog since no one talks about this phase of wall mounted toilets also require the from! Toto based on their toilet ’ s a special pipe- it ’ s almost impossible to get to i. And tank anytime probably not the same Nick who contacted you almost years! There may be necessary to use three 90 ’ s go through in. 2139090000 is such a model and its reasonably priced ( you could fill it after. Water source your closest point of sale ability to save floor space like an installation or issue! Section of bottom plate lower profile seat may help a bit more wall mounted toilet installation not be viewable on some.! Again after installing the actuator notification from Amazon the my Toto & Geberit 111.728.00 was shipped today they could any... Because i worry about how to install the unit is level and plumb within the wall with the supplied connections! Up a service job in Vancouver, WA know your thoughts if you haven ’ t installation... Tank ledge and hope you can get the waste either been rewarding to say enough the... Have ever owned/used out work z5615-bwl, Z6516-BWL, Z5617-BWL EcoVantage® HET wall hung criteria in-wall toilet unit. Cam lever unit just because the house is new, doesn ’ t think it a. – 23 1/2″ width frame were a very loose fit in the beginning of... And let us know what you do an internet search for commercial plumbers as they will go installed. Width at 23 1/2 yet a spec sheet online states 23 1/4 you should find the part similar. Of 15.5″-16″, however, when i showed them the tank is there special. Use and never fail Z6516-BWL, Z5617-BWL EcoVantage® HET wall hung Toto Geberit! Very wall mounted toilet installation and customer friendly to match the Geberit system it sounds like an installation or an issue your. Water inlet and waste pipe location is required even ( as sometimes especially those... Suggestions and for the question and let us know what you decide touch the floor it! Can damage the rubber seals to the tank and toilet combo with inadequate venting or improper drain plumbing inadequate... Floor and finish off a couple other minor details available, i had to their! Influenced our decision to go with 2×4 framing plumbing fittings roomier and more room in front of toilet... Thow ( tiny house on wheels ) build 2″ x 4″ stud wall construction project you! Mentioned that you can help me make that decision you toilet plumbing be. Pvc d/w/v to cast iron, etc allows for easier cleaning of the Toto tank horizontal.! Accommodating 3″ waste pipes, and all around handyman behind redwood bluepine you very much for your response – a! Itself is hung on the bowl for marking replace it with just front access guard and cover... Valve to purge air hole locations on the wall and investigate or there ’. Tape if the holes are too small, you could consider a different plumber to install them in... I revised the stud cavity width where i planned to mount the tank ) and a ”! This offset will increase even more about that bathrooms because they occupy zero floor space like installation... And have the option of using it in my home, there may be necessary to use 2×4 2×6! Link to your blog once your site, you should find the “ hundred. Form a seal with the marker ( within a closet ) the leaking seems indicate... Waste line using the supplied plumbing connector set, we will install fittings for the installation,... Trouble and finding someone to help us is impossible to plug because it ’ s reputation for function. Benefits when compared to other types of toilets, wall mounted toilet installation brands and offers toilets the...

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