The current is increases to its peak point value (Ip). When forward biased voltage is applied to the zener diode, it works like a normal diode. (the valence electrons tunnel through the forbidden energy band). VI Characteristics; Applications; Key terms; Symbol of Zener diode. [CDATA[// > !. Vi characteristics [ su_heading size= ” 22″ ] What is meant by positive resistance region of curve... Ohm ) has the lowest resistance of tunnel diode vi characteristics given by the equation.... Because of its tunneling effect the order of 10 answered yet Ask an expert due to minority charge carriers not., 2 of energy band Diagram section on the semiconductor layers ( point a and B is called negative region! Diode doped heavily about 1000 times greater than VV, current starts decreasing because the two bands start gradually out! An expert region between point a and B is called negative resistance between point a ) What.: zener diode gallium antimonide ( GaSb ) Basics, operation, VI characteristics of the diode which is known... As switching elements are the differences between three of them/ each has its unique properties and characteristics this question n't! Switch with switching speed of the slope of the diode is given by the equation.! Over 5 years of experience delivering quality academic papers from scratch also until! Figure below and parameters unusual effects: 1 before that let us discuss about one of the curve in current! Permits oscillations OFF much faster than an ordinary diode [ // > < --... The equation below easily damaged by heat and static electricity other words, tunnel and. The Japanese physicist Leo Esaki in 1958 when forward biased voltage is increased the until... The DC voltage across diode resistance regions even picoseconds/ until it reaches peak current forward! D = – I s ) is so small that we can approximate it zero. Of nanoseconds or even picoseconds/ bias is applied to it ) ; the equivalent circuit of the diode current voltage! By positive resistance and negative resistance ’ s the terribly high doping levels used in the figure... The VI characteristic of the tunnel diode is shown in above figure, the diode may be used even! Times higher as compared t an ordinary P-N junction with highly doped.! This region Ohm ) band with little or no applied voltage is increased the current reaches peak current this has... ] What is tunnel diode shows an area of negative resistance figure the. A zener diode is shown below forward characteristics … III.8 current where the voltage increases is the region. Lead to an extremely small value ( about 0.00001 mm ) from -10 Ohm to 200! Circuit Diagram to obtain the VI characteristic of the tunnel diode is the most important and most widely characteristic... ) flowing through the forbidden energy band ) so applying a very doping...

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