Engine Oil Drain Valve 40-253356-1. Simply lift the lever of this nickel-plated brass ball valve and give it a quarter turn to open. When you buy a new motorcycle, the valve clearance remains steady for the first 80-120 hours, and then starts wearing down. Once engine oil is drained simply close by returning the lever back to its original locked position. Condition: New. PLEASE NOTE: N-Type valves are NOT RECOMMENDED for vehicles with low clearance . The ball valve design is the same as used in pressurized gas applications. The ball valve design provides a controllable, steady flow for efficient drainage and a perfect seal when closed. This reduces clearance between the cam lobes and the valve stem end, thus affecting the way the valves shut and open. Cut the oil-tank-to-engine oil feed line and remove approximately 1 1/2" (on a Norton twin engine, this is the outer oil line on the crankcase junction block) and fit the valve in the line with the ARROW (As shown in picture) pointing towards the engine. The EZ Oil Drain Valve replaces the standard oil drain plug, making oil changes easier, saving valuable time and expenses. These can be sourced through John Healey; Oil - PreLube: Vincent engines are easily pre-lubed for starting after long storage. Make sure there is oil visible in the view port (acrylic window on valve). To change the oil, unscrew and remove the protection cap and fit the quick-release hose connector. The valve is 3 1/8" long from end-to-end, with a 1 1/2" long body. There are 10 parts belonging to this particular Oil drain valve component, all โ€ฆ - SAVE Time and Expenses - No MORE Stripped Threads - No MORE Burned Hands - No MORE Messy Oil Changes . EZ OIL DRAIN VALVE makes your oil change easy and clean OilDrainValve.net is authorized online dealer of EZ Oil Drain Valve : For Cars and Trucks. CB400 A 1978, CB400 T 1978-1981 Aftermarket anti drain valve. Stop the engine. Another oil change kit, this one includes three quarts of Suzuki 4-Cycle Motorcycle Engine Oil, an OEM oil filter, a crush wander, and a funnel. Car and truck owners, truck fleet operators, and industrial engine manufacturers can testify to the impeccable quality, proven performance, and reliability of the Fumoto valve. 1000 rpm is nice. The Fumoto engine oil drain valve is made of corrosion-resistant forged brass and stainless steel. Excess output lubes the chain & sprockets area. From the Manufacturer. "If oil is not visible in the tank", install the filler cap. Do not set idle rpm too low. Application list oil drain valve: Cars; Bikes . $16.48 #37. Eddie Stephenson (esteph@globalnet.co.uk) on NOC-L 9th. Watch how the new SX Valves work: CHECK OUR 'VALVE GUIDE' HERE: VALVE GUIDE- How to pick a valve โ€ฆ We have the solution for easy bleeding of hydraulic brakes / clutches and intelligent oil change for all vehicle types: The stahlbus Bleeder-Valve and stahlbus Oil drain valve. Intermittent oil return (bubbles) are normal but if the oil return stops or is greatly diminished, stop the engine and check to confirm that the anti-sump valve is installed with the black half toward the oil supply and the silver half toward the engine oil intake. United States Patent 4951723 . Drain oil with a touch of a finger. Quantity: ... Motorcycle Engine Valves for Honda, Motorcycle Engine Valves for Yamaha, Motorcycle Engine Valves for Suzuki, Lift the lever of this nickel plated brass ball valve and give it a quarter turn to open it "with your finger". When installing please do not overtighten into your tank! Motorcycle engine oil drain plug . I replace the oil drain valve on my 2008 Silverado 3500 HD pick up truck. EZ Oil Drain Valve, Hose end and Accessories for HONDA Motorcycles--- ATTENTION! 5. Typical problems include fuel not being completely burned, too much oil or coolant evaporating. 3} Thirdly, some Norton's can have an anti-drain valve fitted inside the timing cover, (AFTER the oil pump), this prevents the seeping of oil down onto the bottom of the crankcases. A direct replacement for the standard oil tank filter The R3 engine already has an anti-drain valve in the crankcase but on some bikes this doesn't seem to work and it can be difficult to rectify. As a result, the valve seats wear down with time, causing the valves to move up into the aluminum head. Trusted by over 10 million satisfied customers, the original Fumoto Engine Oil Drain Valve continues to offer individuals, truck owners, marine engine mechanics, and industrial engine maintenance technicians the ability to conduct routine engine oil changes easily, cleanly, and without tools. Made of solid 304 Stainless Steel, the valve simplifies your oil change. Fits All Models U/M: Kit There are 10 parts belonging to this particular Oil drain valve component, all โ€ฆ Please make sure you have enough space around the drain port to screw in the valve. Bleeding brakes - simply intelligent oil change. An oil drain valve is a device that replaces your regular drain bolt and makes an oil change a much cleaner job. Veteran-owned. Also, the present oil collector will be seen to be useful in assisting to protect the environment, by reducing oil spillage onto the underlying pavement or other surface, and into the atmosphere, during operation of the motorcycle. If ignored, such problems can result in significant engine damage, and being able to identify the origin of the smokeโ€ฆ Smoke coming from a motorcycle exhaust indicates the engine is not running correctly. The oil has been formulated to offer high levels of both lubrication and protection for 4-stroke motorbike engines. Details about Engine Oil Drain Valve 40-253356-1. This unit is designed to prevent seepage of oil from the tank into the crankcase when the unit fitted in the crankcase has ceased to be effective. 2. Save time, eliminate tools, and conserve the environment. The Original Fumoto Engine Oil Drain Valve Over its 40+ year history, Fumoto's Engine Oil Drain Valve has earned the trust of over 10 million satisfied end users. Even though itโ€™s a four-wheel-drive it sits up a little higher and I donโ€™t go off roading with it. This is a genuine Gilera Oil drain valve for a Runner VX 2003 Scooters / Moped. Once installed itโ€™s just a quick quarter turn with the t-handle drain and enclosed tube to empty your oil. ValvoMax removes the hassle. The BSX-Series is the latest in engine oil drain valve innovation from Fumoto. ... Motorcycle, Automotive Oil & Fluid Change Use, 17 x 16 1/2 x 1/2 Inches 4.7 out of 5 stars 232. Simply replace your existing oil drain plug with the stahlbus Oil Drain Valve. But beware on fitting any type of anti-drain valve, you must prime the line with oil, or you run the risk of getting the oil feed line air locked, and then a severe shortage of oil to the pump, followed shortly by a big bang! Fumoto Original F107N with LC-10 Lever Clip FN-Series Engine Oil Drain Valve, 1 Pack, Golden 4.6 out of 5 stars 273. 1. By simply replacing your stock oil drain plug, you can drain your engine oil without tools or mess. Replace your drain bolt with the Quick Twist valve. This is a genuine Piaggio Oil drain valve for a X9 125 2002 Scooters / Moped. As an aside, fit one of the drain bolt equiped banjo bolts where the oil feed goes into the engine cases so that you can verify the line is purged when changing your oil. Then simply replace the existing oil drain plug against the stahlbus®-oil drain valve. So we developed a purpose made valve which is incorporated into the gauze filter in the oil tank, so it โ€ฆ Motorcycle oil is an extremely important aspect of an engines health so it's no surprise people are left wondering how often to change motorcycle oil. 6. Today's oil technology has come on a long way, so here I will show you why you can trust your oil to keep your engine safe, which I hope will answer the question how often should you change motorcycle oil. The valve only opens once the connector is locked in place, and the oil can then be drained into a suitable container. Pressure release valve, opens above 5 BARS (75 psi). Compatibility: See compatible vehicles. Drain your Indian Oil Tank without making a mess Remove your oil tank drain plug and replace it with this quick drain. ---The EZ Oil Drain Valve needs about a 1 inch radius to install properly. Are you also tired of the usual spills and dirty hands when changing the oil. Oil FROM this valve can be small to non-existent if the oil is hot and engine rpm is at idle, particularly so on a worn engine. Replaces 83-5892/82-9430 Standard Filters. So itโ€™s not likely anything to get up there and bump the little valve on the drain. Route 66 Ridley Motorcycles 2488 W Old 66 Blvd Carthage, MO 73118 USA Tel (417) 358-8441 When it's time for an oil change, you simply attach a hose to the oil drain valve, open the valve and everything drains cleanly. stahlbus®-Oil drain valve - The smart way to change oil Oil drain valve for all vehicles with combustion engines, transmissions, etc. Frustrated with your DIY oil change? $30.75 #15. On Dominators & Commandos Pre 131257, a modification can be made to your timing cover, if you send it to us, (see workshop services code WB12). Reduces the risk of hot oil spilling onto hands or arms; No more dropping the sump plug into the drain pan; The Stahlbus oil drain valve is a simple and easy retro fit, replacing the existing drain plug. We use it to haul my own encloseds 24 foot trailer for work and our RV for camping. Remove oil filler cap again and visually check for oil in the tank. Jan 1998 Start and idle the engine for 30 seconds. 12: Front big end bearing shell, has outlets to #13 & #14: 13 Suitable for Triumph T150 1969-74 and T160 1975/6 Trident. QUICK DRAIN โ€“ OIL TANK. NOTE: If the oil pressure lamp stays lit after starting engine, immediately shut the engine off. To fit: Drain the oil tank. Made in USA It combines the compact design of the SX-Series with a sleek new look that is perfect for space-limited oil drain locations. Fumoto Original F-106 with LC-10 Lever Clip F-Series Engine Oil Drain Valve, 1 Pack EZ Oil Drain Valve EZ-108 [Thread size : 16mm-1.5] EZ Oil Drain Valve: Replaces the standard oil drain plug, making oil changes easier, saving valuable time and expenses. Item Information. The standard Fumoto Engine Oil Drain Valve for light-duty vehicles extends on average 7/8" from the oil pan, only slightly more than the 1/2" of most oil drain plugs.

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