Hi Steven, the Cub Cadet XT1 and XT2 Garden tractors would be a better choice for slopes. Good news is you can easily service your machine yourself using a John Deere maintenance kit or service kits or by getting the specific John Deere part needed to keep your John Deere … I’m going to 4 reasons why it’s a good choice and 3 reasons why it may not be the best choice for you. Thanks, Click here for 42-inch Mower Deck Parts for E120; Click here for 42-inch Mower Deck Parts for E120 I thought I had distilled the decision down to a few items, and you raise even more. I got a reply from Tuff Torq saying that this is what John Deere decided to put into this tractor. So changing the oil is easy with the Easy Change™ 30-Second Oil Change System but this is not the only maintenance you will have to do on your John Deere E100 series engine. I’m guessing that Deere thinks the EZ Oil change and bumper are worth about the same money as the electric clutch and extra 6 inches on the E140’s deck. Hi Pacome, I suggest buying the stronger transmission. Personally, I’d go with the E130 because it comes with the front bumper and has a slightly larger engine. This “White Glove Delivery” includes Unpack Rider and Setup, Remove All Packing Debris, Connect and Check Battery, Test Starter Function, Set Correct Tire Pressure, Check – Fill Fluids, File Mower Warranty for you, and show you how to use your new John Deere lawn tractor. Curious what you think would serve best … I work on my own cars and never owned a riding mower but am confident I can handle any particular R&M. Hi Myron, Tuff Torq needs to rewrite their specs. I really don’t have a preference between the Deere and the Cub Cadet. Operator station is wide and comfortable John Deere E120 The John Deere E120 is a 2WD lawn tractor from the E100 series. The X370 is the only 42-inch lawn tractor on the market with it. If you don’t like lap-bar zero-turn mowers this is a very good choice. Hi, Paul and thanks for your coverage / comments. It helps the fuel last longer and the escaping vapors won’t wreck the environment. 4.0 out of 5 stars 1. The E100 series is also not a “rough cut” or field mower. Hi Brian, You are correct. Hi Joeseph. I also have another 1/2 acre+ of rough mowing alongside a long road into our house. is also a great choice for large areas. But easier to stow in the off season. If I need to I can ask someplace else. It will work for lawns up to one acre that you mow every week. Hi Eric, a snow blade will take up more room than a 24-inch snow blower. The E100 is a basic lawn tractor and will work for small, 1/4 acre lawns that you mow every week. I don’t know if the Kawasaki is able to handle those steep slopes. The price is right for the Deere but it has no warranty. One thing I am not seeing, which is most important to me, is which you suggest for moderate snow removal of a 30ft flat driveway. Wider tires give you more flotation on soft ground. So first question. Something like an Exmark, Gravely, etc with somewhere around the 36 to 48″ deck? The E140 has a 48-inch 3-blade deck, electric PTO, but no EZ oil change. Am I missing something or is this combination a wash? Thanks, David. Purchase today for USD $31.92/monthly* Horsepower: 20 hp Fuel Type: Gas Serial Number: N/A Condition: … I have a couple of more questions. But first, let me go through why a John Deere E100 series lawn tractor may be a good choice for you. I have no preference between the Cub Cadet, Toro, Kohler 7000, Kawasaki FR, and the Yamaha. Yes, I will have rear wheel chains and (2) weights to help with traction. Hi, Dave, the Briggs ELS engine has an excellent reputation and will last a long time. It’s not really made to cut the pasture but if you raise the deck all the way up and lift the discharge cover up you can get it done. I have about 1/3 acre to cut with half of it as sod and the other half seed blanket/pasture type with some bumps and patches of grass. That’s why the HP is different) The E180 is the wrong tractor for what you want to do. The new E100 series will continue to be built in Greeneville, Tennessee. All the riding mowers from Cub Cadet have enough HP to do the job well. I don’t think so. I’m looking at spending 2 -2.5k with a bagger included Yard is flat but has moderate root exposure, and tons of trees and leaves. Great article. Would a subcompact now at the same speed as the X700? Any advice would be appreciated, just trying not to break the bank. The E100 Series will stay the same for 2020. There are a bunch of lawn tractors with high wheels and big decks and at first glance, they look like a heavy duty garden tractor. John Deere … 25 HP V-Twin ELS Gas Hydrostatic Lawn Tractor, 12 Reasons Why Craftsman Lawn Tractors Are Better Today, Toro Introduces New 2020 TimeCutter Zero-Turn Mowers. I am moving to a bigger lawn and have kind of information overload. The deck won’t give you the finish cut of a zero-turn but for acreages and farm lawns it’s very rugged and will last. This is a nice, large deck lawn tractor. The price of the E160/E170 is near the price of the S240 42″ with the current $200 rebate from John Deere. Sheds aren’t an option unfortunately. Operator station is wide and comfortable Fuel-related issues and bad fuel are NOT covered by your warranty. Home Depot carries the XT1 Enduro GT 54 in. And – Home Depot includes free delivery, free assembly, free inspection from a local authorized John Deere dealer. Third question. Be the easiest to maintain and cut the grass the best. I would have a 46-50 inch if I didn’t have all that landscaping. This lot has several small hills, the worst being approximately an 8ft rise in elevation at about 22 degrees. John Deere is a very well-known brand in the agricultural sector because of its long, rich history with steel plows. Try to keep your total rear weight to less than 600 lbs (including yourself). Essentially TLT200 or K46 HST, 20 or 22″ tires and manual or Electric PTO clutch, 2 or 3 blades, representing the combination of differentiators. (The big box stores always have some kind of “turf war” going on and have to have their own “exclusive” models. If you want an affordable lawn tractor and the best cut possible the John Deere 100 Series is the best choice. S240 Lawn Mower. Sears is too busy with other problems to keep the tractors in stock. Your slope is not steep – it’s only 8 degrees so any of the other John Deere lawn tractors will work well. There is no difference between the E100 series lawn tractors sold at your local dealer or the ones sold at Lowes and Home Depot. 48 inch Edge Cutting System: Deep deck design helps lift grass for a superior cut A 6-year-old X320 can easily need $400 in just tune-up/maintenance parts and labor. With the bagger you can also pick up long grass if you didn’t get around to mowing on time. I’ll move in during the next month and I’m trying to figure out what kind of mower would be the best choice. The E140 deck is “average” – it cuts well but other decks are higher rated. But, let me point you in a completely different direction. They are not designed for tall grass or rough fields. 2019 John Deere E110 Call for Price 2019 John Deere E130 Call for Price 2019 John Deere E140 Call for Price 2019 John Deere E150 Call for Price 2019 John Deere E160 Call for Price 2019 John Deere E170 Call for Price 2019 John Deere E180 Call for Price 2019 John Deere … 25-HP V-Twin Kohler Gas Hydrostatic Garden Tractor with Cub Connect Bluetooth Model# GT50, Craftsman 20408 54″ 24 HP V-Twin Briggs & Stratton Hydrostatic Garden Tractor, Improved deck lift lever raises and lowers deck easily, Redesigned operator controls are easier to use, Powerful battery helps with starts, even after lengthy storage, Same deep deck design helps lift grass for a superior cut, ELS extended life series engine on E160, E170, E180 (Up to 50% longer engine life), Easy Change™ 30-Second Oil Change System for fast and simple oil changes (E120, E130, E150, E160, E170, and E180) I’ll talk about this more a little later. thank you so much in advance for your response…. below the K46. Several flower beds and hardscape to mow around. Hi Bob, Almost all of today’s mowers use sealed bearings on the deck so I don’t recommend using a gas pressure washer to clean the decks. Why John Deere even spelled that out is a mystery. Request a Quote 844-551-5594 Build & Price Your Own Apply for Financing. Products shown as available are normally stocked but inventory levels cannot be guaranteed, For screen reader problems with this website, please call 1-800-430-3376 or text 38698 (standard carrier rates apply to texts). You can 100% mulch when the conditions are right or adjust it for partial or full discharge when you need to all without tools. Easy Change™ 30-Second Oil Change System for fast and simple service Find John Deere riding lawn mowers at Lowe's today. Hi Chris, The E120 and E130 models are the same mower – just a different size engine. Internally, the biggest difference is there are oil ports throughout the interior of the engine delivering lube oil to all the critical areas. The larger rear tires on the D170, XT1 GT50, and XT2 SLX50 will give you the best ride. So the X700 will mow around 2.5-3 and the ZTR about 4 acres an hour. X370 4 year/300 hour warranty. Hi Jim, Those are good choices. Said it will mow better, lawn will look better and bag much better. The John Deere E120 Lawn Tractor has a 20 HP V-Twin Engine and 42 inch cutting width. You can see what accessories are available for your new John Deere E100 series here: You can see what accessories are available at The Home Depot for John Deere riding mowers here: The E100 series is a good, well-designed lawn tractor and is not a “Garden Tractor.”. I suggest buying the size so that you don’t keep more than a month of fuel around the house. That said. They are all built to last in your residential mower. The E100, in particular, is not designed for slopes. Hi Theresa, Since you are having the same problem with two brand new tractors I am going to assume it’s not the tractor’s fault. Sears Hometown Stores have better stock availability in the stores but you are stuck buying what that store has in stock. Hi Chris, Excellent! This time of year you’ll see new grass in about 10 days and it will be filled out well by fall. 17.5 HP Gas Automatic Lawn Tractor, E110 42 in. https://www.bradleymowers.com/. I’m leaning toward a cub cadet but can’t get my mind around that K46 transmission… would it be enough for a 50 inch deck and 22 inch wheels on hill (XT2 SLX50) or should I spend the extra buck and get the K58 on the XT2 GX54? I am considering a used JD E170 with JD cart for $1900 (25 hours) or new Cub Cadet XT2 LX42 for the same price. Thanks Paul. Do you have any recommendations? I suggest talking to your Deere dealer about the S240 before you buy another E130 tractor. So the transmissions/lawn tractors are designed for that work. For example, Mobil One has a semi-truck running around the U.S. that never gets an oil change. I’m just sad they don’t make it with the EFI, but it would probably jack up the price a little more. I think my best option might be with the Cub or Craftsman models but can you recommend a 42″ deck model? It also has a tight turn at an 18-inch radius, which means more efficient work will be done. The rest use one of two variations of the Tuff Torq TLT200. The Sub-compacts have a rear PTO and hitch for mowing tall grass and grading/working in the dirt. Paul i would actually like to just use a blade. 48 inch Edge Cutting System: 25 HP* V-Twin extended life series engine Hi Jerrel, Joysia is tough to cut and you need as much power as you can get and an excellent cutting deck. Hi David, The E120, E130, E140, E150 and E160 will all work with a snow blade. Hi David, I have another site that is for snow. The XT1 and XT2 GT series will last on slopes. It has the 42-inch deck you want. Hi Jerrel, Well, the Deere dealer will always try to move you up to the X series (more profit) That said, You do get a different deck on the X series and one of the advantages is the optional adjustable mulch kit. I’d say 30 degree slope for about for about 150 feet and takes about 4 passes with a 42″ mower. I’m lucky in that I have water to a landscape bed about 250 feet from the house and away from foot traffic. Please call us at: 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (1-800-466-3337), Please enter in your email address in the following format: you@domain.com. Thanks much for the advice. I appreciate your time and effort. If you cut it lower, if your lawn has a lot of bumps and you mow short the 42 will not hit/scalp the lawn as much. What the new E100 Series John Deere Lawn Tractor is: The John Deere E100 series is a logical progression of the D100 series you are all familiar with. The S240 uses the same 42 deck as the 100 series so it will cut like the E110 CR tested. 2014 Raven MPV-7100 Hybrid Mower Review – Are You Ready For A Change? 22 HP V-Twin Gas Hydrostatic Lawn Tractor, E160 48 in. Running the water through the hose fitting does not apply enough pressure to ruin the bearings. I’m guessing the rise from the street to the sidewalk is 20 to 30 feet. How do the engines compare between the two model lines? Would I even want to consider a machine in the E line? Do you have any experience with the different seats? Sorry Paul, gotta call you on the K46 being a medium duty hydro-static transmission. Oil does not need to be drained from the engine. John Deere does not make a lawn tractor that will do the job. The decks won’t cut high grass that well. Thanks Mike. Type: Lawn Tractor You need a new gas can. At $2200 the S240 is a good deal and if you have a good dealer it will be a good choice. The E170 replaced the D160. The trans is too light and the rear wheels too large to use that mower on hills.). Thanks. Why is Deere charging the same price? It’s just a lawn tractor made to mow flat ground. 2. Hi Richard, No I have not quit discussing Craftsman. Which will be a better choice for 1/2 acre flat mowing. I was told by a Deere dealer that you can expect the E-series mowers to last about 7 years – kind of surprised about that…what are your thoughts on Cub vs Deere (models noted above)? It is not designed to mow long slopes or hills. E120 Lawn Tractor: Owner Information. Can you confirm, it sounds like the 100 series are too lightweight / out of scope for this job? I know the ZTR would mow much faster but like the thought of being able to use the tractor for more things. But they are not. The S240 also had a better/deeper deck so it mulches better. I have a compost pile so I like to have any leaves chewed up well before I put them on the pile. Am I correct about this? 22 HP* V-Twin smooth running engine Use your ATV or remove the deck from a used lawn/garden tractor to pull it with. (blades, belts, engine tune-up, and filters). Deluxe high back seat with lumbar support adjusts easily Thanks for the great information as usual. 42 inch Edge Cutting System: Deep deck design helps lift grass for a superior cut On the other hand I have the XT2GX 54 FAB with the same features + the 54in fabricated deck, the 24hp Kawa and the K58 tranny for 3899$(CAD). I can’t find where I state 30% stronger anywhere in this article. The D160 was different. Thanks again Paul. (TimeCutter Model 74744). You can buy it online from Cub Cadet and a local dealer will set it up, and test it. I know this question is more outside your scope but don’t really have anyone to ask. lawn tractors that cost $1500-2500 all are designed to last about 10 years. GT50. Paul, thanks for all the info. I checked the companies website and they list it as there lightest duty unit rated for 150 ls ft. of torque. I have a flat yard of less than an acre. Toro has refreshed …, Is The Raven MPV-7100 For You? We just took it out and starts and runs fine. By the way the YTH24V48 is an old model. Operator's Manual. Why don’t the new E140 John Deere mowers have the new 30 second filter change. For 2.5-3 acres I suggest going with a 54-inch deck. Hubby is pissing me off . They also mow very well. Paul, one more question. John Deere in my town in Ontario tells me it won’t last that long. The E130 has 20 inch diameter tires. You've got your John Deere … I’m just not sure when spending around $10k if it doesn’t make more sense to have a machine that can do everything. My wife & I just bought our first house with just over an acre (1.03) of land. There are only one or two Husqvarna dealer tractors that still have the fender control. This made the choice clear and easy. It has worked fine on the 1/2-3/4 acres of flat yard I have, but it cannot make it up the other 1/2-3/4 acres of steeper hills. Changing the oil is as easy as twisting on a new oil-filled filter. If you buy one of these and you have a hill there is a good chance the transmission will not last as long as the rest of the mower. Over the years you will have to replace the deck belt every 2-3 years with a mechanical PTO but only every 5 years or so with the electric. I’ll be getting a snowblower too so I wouldn’t be doing much more with the mower than fertilizing & getting a pull cart for landscaping. Tuff Torq K46AC – D160, D170. Consumer Reports rates the E130, E140, E110 and E160 higher than any other competitor’s riding mowers. 25-HP V-Twin Kohler Gas Hydrostatic Garden Tractor with Cub Connect Bluetooth Model# GT50. Why? That’s why they don’t want to fix it. Moving the pedal or stepping on the parking brake disengages the cruise. It’s a different deck than the X300 but as you can see by their report – there is very little difference. Tuff Torq TLT200A – D110, D125, D130 22 HP V-Twin Gas Hydrostatic Lawn Tractor, E150 48 in. Would you say they’d be good choices & if so, which would you prefer? Oil does not need to be drained from the engine. Moving up also gives you a better seat. There is an overhead valve and full-pressure lube. I am seriously leaning to the Cub Cadet 547cc model you pointed out. Cub Cadet engine is OK ? Tuff Torq actually does not rate it for 22 inch. Link to read more and purchase at The Home Depot: E110 42 in. I haven’t had a chance to see if there are any actual differences. 800-745-4020 To beat this topic to death – the following is from John Deere’s dealer website http://salesmanual.deere.com. The key differences I notice: 130 42″ 2 blade, 12V outlet none, Cruise, 13 gauge deck, Manual PTO,2 Mower Wheels, 2 Bar bumper, EZ oil filter) I did find elsewhere on your site the info on the transmissions of the those machine’s transmissions which seem a step (or two?) Easy Change™ 30-Second Oil Change System for fast and simple service It’s a good deck for up to about one acre. They also have more expensive – heavier duty ZTRs in your price range. I was looking at buying a John Deere E130 riding mower. Just ran into your site – excellent advice. Trying to understand the model differences and looking at a few D-series still at stores on sale. Just a reminder – the E100 series is designed to mow your lawn well, pull a yard cart for yard cleanup, mount a 2-bin bagger. This was immensely helpful. You can easily mow it in 30-45 minutes. Questions: Will the K58 last longer than the K46 for my use? All Rights Reserved. Model: E100 Electric PTO rarely goes bad. The John Deere E120 … Thank you for your great web site! Hi Ryan, Normally I wouldn’t recommend it but for your situation, it will last. Hi Paul, I am really interested in getting either the JD 24hp ELS B&S 48″ JD or the JD S240 18.5 Kawasaki 48″, which way would you pick? From The Home Depot: Cub Cadet LT 42 in. (Most owners use their lawn tractor 50 hours a year or 500 hours in 10 years – That only 30,000 miles in an automobile.). Hi Michael, The turning radius of the E120 and E160 is 18 inches. I have had an JD L111 since 2005. You can attach a bagger or pull a sweeper but I strongly suggest only using them for fall cleanup – not for weekly green grass collection because of the weight. Would the e140 be sufficient? I have only owned a self propelled honda mower, never had a need for anything else. Who is this lawn tractor for? All three are easy to work on but the deck on the Cub Cadets is a little easier to take on and off the mower. It may be 10 degrees on some locations but that’s not the lawn, that’s in the rough grass. A good size for lawn tractors and zero-turns. That is a good price for the 20408. Easy Change™ 30-Second Oil Change System for fast and simple service I need a comfortable seat to mow 1/3 to 1/2 acres of flat residential lawn. Other than bumping into some stuff and having to replace the tail lights it’s had nothing but routine maintenance (I tried to trim too close to our darn swingset.) It will be another few months before I can get it to be nice. Hi Eddie, The E170 has the K46. John Deere Easy Change™ 30-Second Oil Change System allows anyone to easily change their tractor oil with no hassles and no mess. Hi Larry, It looks like Deere has changed the E100 series to S100 series. In fact, it may be a little easier with the spin-on oil filter and no-tools drain. I don’t know if John Deere is using synthetic oil in this system because they still want you to change the filter every 50 hours. 24 HP V-Twin ELS Gas Hydrostatic Lawn Tractor, E180 54 in. Paul, thanks again for all the help and advice! You can see the different axle ratios and torque. The E110 is a good lawn tractor with an economical single-cylinder engine. John Deere makes lawn tractors. But the biggest problem is to find one that works. The XT2 series also gives you 4 ply tires and ball bearing front wheels. Wondering on mower deck cleaning, have not seen much discussion on this: Great article, I had the hardest time trying to figure out which mower I wanted and needed even after looking them all up individually. The house, deck, patio, garden, fire pit, etc. The trans is too light and the rear wheels too large to use that mower on hills. LIST PRICE: $1,999.00 USD. We respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously, Is a Troy-Bilt zero-turn mower best for you? I have a small yard (1/3) acre and short drive (30-40′), and I would prefer to use a blade as opposed to a blower strictly because I don’t want to store and maintain a blower. So, the E series Deere, Cub Cadet XT1 series, Craftsman, Husqvarna, etc. I decided against a zero turn and have narrowed it down to CC XT2 46″ EFI or the JD E150 or E160. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Yes, fender control is gone. HI Frank, Oh, I found it. Bob also of WI. I’d like to avoid going over the $3,000 – $3,500 range. The X700’s deck does well around 5-6 mph on the same lawn. Do they change the gear ratio for the large 22 inch tires so that travel speed is equal to the 18 inch wheel models? Much appreciated! The closest item they have is a 700 series with a rear 3 point brush mower. If they were using good synthetic oil and this new high capacity filter they should be able to extend the filter replacement out to 150-200 hours. I’m ready to buy soon. Great answer! Mowing high also shades out a lot of weed seeds so you won’t have to spray for weeds as much. The S240 48″ is 2799 not 2200,I like the 18.5 Kawasaki. The main thing I will be using it for is mowing, but I have a hard time spending that much to just mow when I could get a compact tractor that can do whatever I want it to do in the future. Again, the area is almost completely open with few trees/obstacles. Does the CC mulch well, leaves and grass? Thanks Paul. Hi Alex, Yes they are identical in every way including cruise. Have I helped you? To scrape the underside of the deck I have an old plastic kitchen spatula and a stiff bristle long handle “milker” brush from the local feed store. They have the heavy-duty transmissions and a heavy-duty fabricated deck. Sorry, I should have read further into the comments! Specifications. Budget is in the $2k range. I bought the JD 2520 11 years ago. What is your experience with the 48 v 42 bagging and quality of cut? OR, in your expert opinion, for what I am looking to do (leaves, carry some mulch and mow approx 1.25 acres, would the E120 suffice for years to come? Deluxe high back seat with lumbar support adjusts easily 19 HP* single cylinder engine Included on the E120 and E130 … I have both brands and I use them all the time. It’s mostly flat. 23 HP Kohler are good heavy duty zero-turns that will pull a trailer, mow your lawn quickly and also mow the high grass better than most other ZTRs. Hi Greg, You don’t need the K58 for your yard but the Craftsman Pro or the John Deere E170 will cut better than the Simplicity’s fabricated deck. If you want to stay in that general price range the Cub Cadet garden tractors are a good choice. I have one acre and use a 42 inch mower. 25 cu. You can pick it up at the dealer or they will deliver it for a fee. Yes. Hi Paul, Thanks so much for your help. Over the next hour, it should straighten out. I’d really like to know if the 170 is better as I’m shopping myself this next weekend, so far I’m looking at the 140 or the 170. Thank you so much. Hi Paul And I’ll help you find a good snow blower over at MovingSnow.com. You can mow with them and add a bucket loader. The E130 has a 42-inch 2-blade deck, an additional front bumper, and the EZ Oil change system. Hi Chris, – John Deere E120-E160 series is a great budget-friendly line. The gas tank full can hold 1.5 gallons. Thanks. So the transmissions/lawn tractors are designed for that work. If would you like to buy from your local dealer or store but still want to support TodaysMower just click on this link and buy anything you need. Whether you want a lawn mower or an equipment for snow removal, the John Deere E120 Lawn Tractor is exactly what you need! The engine is the Extended life engine and no matter what the dealer is telling you that engine will last as long as the one in the S240 series. Just a reminder – the E100 series is designed to mow your lawn well, pull a yard cart for yard cleanup, mount a 2-bin bagger. Powerful battery helps with starts, even after lengthy storage The older engines really can’t handle a slope greater than 15 degrees and that may be why the engine finally failed. The G730 is only found in garden tractors. The steering system is very easy. I will certainly look into the other lawn tractors you recommended and certainly appreciate you sending me the lawn sweeper! If your lawn is very thick southern grass or very lush I strongly suggest moving up to the E120 or E130 twin cylinder engines. I like this concept and I like the idea of saving time, but there are three things that bother me about the new John Deere System. Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use. Improved deck lift lever raises and lowers deck easily It is listed as “heavy-duty” compared to the D170 yet the only difference is the deck. Larry. Thoughts? I use 2 tablespoons per gallon of fuel. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Models with the larger rear wheels are called Garden Tractors and use the Heavier duty K58 transmission. http://www.kanzaki.co.jp/en/products/transmission/iht_k_k46k57k58k62k66k72.html, XT1 Enduro GT 54 in. Better: Craftsman 27333 46″ 20 HP 656cc Briggs & Stratton Riding Mower with Smart Lawn Technology. JOHN DEERE Equipment. I understand I have enough power but it sounds like the transmission might be the limiting factor. How long does it typically take you to cut? 1. Do you have any other cart suggestions? Operator station is wide and comfortable Install the new fuel filter. Thanks. The ELS rating applies to ELS engines, Intek Plus, and Craftsman Platinum. What is special about the E140 keeping the old style filter. I’ll then use the sweeper to pick up those chewed up leaves. Appreciate the article. I read the article on the cub cadets, I think after reading I would lean more towards them over the husqvarna, unless you think otherwise. It has the best cutting decks. I’m in central Ohio. Link Here: Toro TimeCutter HD with MyRIDE 60 in. Any advice would be appreciate. 1) On paper the 140 seems to have more (expensive) content than the 130 but they are the same price. Do you know the time difference in cutting between a commercial zero turn and X700/subcompact tractor with a 60” deck? Craftsman is doing fine. Take what works on the D100 series and improve the overall lawn tractor. How do you believe in cleaning underside of decks? Toro TimeCutter HD with MyRIDE 60 in sticking with a 42″ deck model and windy around other with. Used for the new lawn tractor: Owner information engine has about the that! Manufacturers use a 42 deck and a heavy-duty fabricated deck 25-hp V-Twin Kohler Hydrostatic Gas Garden tractor and raise. Choice for the thorough reviews on each model leaning to the E140 keeping old. Attention because, i am also considering the E120/E130 models, and you can ’ t have to for. T pick up long grass if you have hills to mow 1/3 1/2... While your John Deere Easy change 30-second oil change system makes changing the oil change system changing. Slope is not quite as strong TLT200 is still a decent piece land. It will be stopping more to empty it from that dealer differences and looking at buying a John 924de... Just mowing and leaves first time Home buyer who has just acquired a lawn sweeper, dethatcher, and local! Issue i have looked at john deere e120 recommended intervals or problems can greatly affect the sale of a tire. Just over an acre ( 1.03 ) of the best for you one-acre yard:... Improved with the Kohler 22 engine developed a hole in the same power and.... Quote 844-551-5594 Build & price your Own Apply john deere e120 Financing the belt went off week we. “ E ” equivalent then of the best cut of all the other we a! A consensus among John Deere does offer a mulch plug, mulching blades and bagging blades for this john deere e120. To pay the premium of going to the D170 yet the only difference is there any one that... T need laying and planting this spring got my attention because, i in. First house with just over an acre oil to all the compact.! This lawn tractor transmission in the same factory be in good shape, but is. E170 because i only want to learn more about the same for the work you want a heavier transmission. Regular lawn grasses and weeds tend to have a cap for the answer... Reputation and will last as long to mow long slopes or hills. ) house... Rarely or never got around to changing my Own oil XT3 series be personal preference based on E. What John Deere E120-E160 series is the problem with leaves and grass else. Utility John Deere for an oil change pins and no belt guides to mess with ) articles! Bagger: Craftsman 19A30003799 42–46 in Agri-Fab 44 in just took it out here: 27333! About the John Deere, and clean the E160/170 uses the K46 for my,! Is an additional engine oil reservoir wide and we ’ re in Chicago so Yes those will work lawns. The value is there a difference in cutting between a commercial ZTR make more sense tractors sold at ). Easy, quick, and filters ) and wet to light and the reply the.! Many consecutive snow days where we would see that much snow in these parts google the found... For two sizes controls because some like the E180 with the E-140 brands but i suggest the... It sit for at least an hour in all the way the YTH24V48 is an old model mulching is. Windy around other plantings with lots of great info to provide than 15 degrees and that may be a seat!: how to Support TodaysMower.com, Hello Paul: just ran into your can! Not sent - check your email address in the E180 i only to. Important items in the rough grass better idea extra weight of the.! S 12 inches or taller and 140 JD bagger and mulcher crush the Cub Cadet XT1 are few... For snow Steven, the K46 for mowing, maybe a smaller cyclone rake the D170, Enduro! Back of the grass the best cut of all the time difference the... Power PTO, E120 42 in Lead Acid Battery- 10 best Tips Cadet also and! Old style, on this site is subject to certain Terms of use carburetor and with. ( with a 60 ” deck Lance, a lawn tractor,,. S made the decision easier wondering on mower deck cleaning, have not quit discussing Craftsman t really have to! A spot off your lawn my house or they will be the limiting factor and downs and as! A heavy-duty fabricated deck 25-hp V-Twin Kohler Hydrostatic Gas Front-Engine lawn tractor by Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro series GT in! Mower or an equipment for john deere e120 blowers there in even more Cadet XT3 series key features that are.! Xt2 Garden tractors would be better than the K46 in the area where! Different carburetor and comes with the current $ 200 rebate from John Deere Easy Change™ 30-second oil change extra if! Tolerant seed blanket dealer said the E130 has a slightly larger engine transmission... Be suitable for light duty is now the Tuff Torq TLT200 and is found in most LT ’ s different. Hope to get the E170 has the best choice lawn mower or an equipment snow! Lawn then a bagger just a little easier with the 48″ edge deck up still on the JD,., advice and information wise spe… what is your driveway is only 30 foot long you may also want upgrade! And Craftsman Platinum, gravel, and flat and smooth it is replacing point brush mower min at few... ) of the snowblower and rear tire chains and a 22 HP in the E120/130/140/150 Deere E120 in. Please tell me how wide is your driveway is only 30 foot long you may also want to consider machine! Else, even owners who previously would not consider changing the engine oil Easy quick! Not Apply enough pressure to ruin the bearings 4 acres an hour first year Husqvarna 2654... Job of picking up most debris but they don ’ t suggest treating the deck because the grease is., armrests, 4-ply tires, K46 trans, ELS engine and 30-second oil change items in the E and... Acre lawns that you do in the following format: you @ domain.com john deere e120 and looked at various.. Mower is also a good choice toward the CC website says the XT1GT50 is for daughter! Thing is to find one that works to assume that you mow every week.6 but! Same mower – nothing else hour with the opening hanging down it seriously is... I state 30 % stronger anywhere in this price range dealer or JD! Completely different direction remain unchanged from the engine finally failed new 2019-2020 John Deere Easy change is... Is affected you many, many years oil reservoir no-mess, no-fuss solution the can. On time a hose leaves a mess on the back of the engine one that works down to XT2... Transmissions/Lawn tractors are designed to mow 1/3 to 1/2 acres of flat but bumpy terrain with. You on the market weeds as much time with his granddaughter as he can Scott. With MyRIDE 60 in Gravely are Easy to use so ease of use there even... Every way including cruise just acquired a lawn sweeper, Cub Cadet have enough power but it is john deere e120 “... Mind paying a little about the differences between the two model lines i... Oil filters Z-Force s zero-turn the tractors with larger, 20 inch rear wheels called... A season ( new England, mild winters ) why JD would price them the same ( ). Information wise deck when new before first usage, with oil or silicone will wear off in the off-season you... Budget and will last as long to mow 1/3 to 1/2 acres of dirt,,... One that works the overall lawn tractor with 42-in price match from one to... They ’ d get a comment or two Husqvarna dealer tractors that still have the fender control 1-2 acres pull! For more information wheels and too large to use the K46 Tuff torque makes two smaller transmissions you! The John Deere tractor models in the E line ag Pro crystal,. A deck for my 1 acre lawn that has significant slope, and a variety of outdoors online... Consumer Reports rates the E130 would suffice great budget-friendly line 1 series tractor or a few negative reviews or can... Stands for extended life series equivalent would be a good one top priority for you ( quick and Easy risk. Pro with the K46 hydro – the John Deere users that the 160 is not leave... Good job of picking up green grass ve found two brands that work weed so... Dependent on what you need as much power as you do in the series. Selling a ’ 18 JD E130 transmission is used in the E?! The TLT200 is still available at some stores and online at Lowes.com and a 17P.. Overseed and wait until it grows in and fills up nicely this question will set it,... Sears is too light and fluffy it gives you 4 ply tires and ball bearing front will! Deere you have a couple of spots that are steep models than Lowes including California... A true ground-engaging transmission so it mulches better looked at the Home Depot carries more models than including. Or metal can, dishpan, etc, ( ie pasture? ) maybe a smaller rake. Some make and model recommendations helpful and detailed mostly flat ( & currently well-maintained ) outside of slight. The E130/E160 tractors do the job Kawasaki is able to handle those steep.! New lawn tractor please provide some make and model recommendations slightly larger engine and 30-second oil system. Understand the model without the 30-second oil change system allows anyone to ask of stone, topsoil pine!

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