Here they saw the Sorcerer Seto and Nameless Pharaoh battle. However Dark Bakura used "Deja Vu" on his next turn, returning "Dark Necrofear" to his Graveyard and "Dark Magician Girl", "Gamma the Magnet Warrior" and "Kuriboh" to Dark Yugi's field. During the first several arcs of the Yu-Gi-Oh anime, his Deck is composed of vicious-looking monsters, with most of them being DARK Fiend-Type. After he and his brother were adopted by Gozaboro Kaiba, he was forced to undergo vicious studying that made every day feel like torture while building up hatred for his adoptive father. Dark Yugi tried to use "The Sun Dragon Ra" to combat "Dreadroot", but Tenma negated the Summon with "The Selection". [157], The Yugis were then confronted by The Doll, who was possessed by Marik and had the Egyptian God "Slifer the Sky Dragon" in his Deck. Dark Yugi thanked Kaiba, but tried telling off for mocking Jonouchi. With the Meikyû Brothers defeated, Dark Yugi and Jonouchi, each had 10 Star Chips, enough to qualify for the finals, but in order to exit the underground, they still needed to choose the correct door. Through him, he informed Dark Yugi and Kaiba that he had used this Duel to assess their Decks and instructed Dark Yugi to come to his friends. Hexagon (Trigon (TTG) & Trigon (Original)) | Dark Yugi correctly guessed that his soul would be sealed in that card if he lost, causing himself to be displayed in the picture. [168] Kaiba credited the move to using his team mate rather than teamwork. Dark Yugi and Jonouchi had to take turns tossing the Millennium Puzzle. The Rare Hunter became possessed by Marik Ishtar, who controlled him through the Millennium Rod. [194] He saw the Sphere Mode of "The Sun Dragon Ra" and learned it was necessary to read a hieratic inscription in order to Summon it through Ma's attempt to Summon it. [87], Being earthbound, "Gaia" was unable to attack "Great Moth", so Dark Yugi fused it with "Curse of Dragon" into "Gaia the Dragon Champion". However thinking one-sided games were no fun, he told Dark Yugi that his key to winning might be in his NPC friends. Nagumo then got "Wild Spider" to knock "Killer Emaada" out of the arena and punch it several times in the stomach while it was in midair, causing Dark Yugi to feel the blows himself. He tried to warn Jonouchi about Bandit Keith, who eventually threatened to shoot Jonouchi (who had been dismissing him). Dark Yugi revealed that his face-down card was a bluff, "Monster Recovery", and used it to return the turtle to his Deck and draw five new cards. Anzu suspected that since Dark Yugi came from a Millennium Item, hearing that the items possessed an evil intelligence couldn't have been easy for him and by inflicting a Penalty Game, he would only be proving it right. Liste des prix des cartes Pokémon de l'édition EB04 - Epée et Bouclier - Voltage Eclatant (Cartes à l'Unité Français) [94], The ventriloquist intimidated Dark Yugi, by impersonating Kaiba through a puppet, which he had claim to house Kaiba's soul, in seek of revenge. Hotel Caretaker | Villains, General Yako replied that he couldn't, and gleefully asked Dark Yugi if he liked the punishment of the Wicked Gods. Dark Yugi rolled a super critical 00 for Jonouchi, making him defeat the eyeball monster and a critical 02 for Yugi, causing him to tame Zorc Arm Dragon into an ally. Unable to become guardian of darkness without defeating "the other Yugi" Imori accepted. However Dark Yugi revealed that he had also written "Kyû" on the opposite of the Mei coin and put both coins Kyû side up, meaning Kyû was his choice. Despite coming so close, his victory slipped away from him. Arrogant Rival, Kaiba-Boy (by Pegasus J. Crawford)Herr Kaiba (by Zigfried von Schroeder the dub)King of Duelists (self-proclaimed)Number 1 Ranked DuelistRich Boy (by Joey Wheeler and Tristan Taylor), Professional DuelistOwner of the Duel AcademyDomino High School Student, Playing a deck full of rare and powerful cardsHigh intelligenceVast wealthBusiness Management. When an evacuation was ordered due to a bomb scare, Anzu stayed behind hoping this would cause Dark Yugi to come out and rescue her. But luckily, Kaiba had it all saved on backup, and this was foiled. Mayor Brown | He then revealed that like Dark Bakura he had been using the double hit technique to manipulate his dice rolls. Dark Yugi deduced that since Zorc didn't change into this more powerful form before, it must have a weak point and he's using this form as a last resort. Seto Kaiba utilizes a Beat-Down style deck filled with powerful monsters (specialized of Dragons, Warriors, Spellcasters, Beast Warriors, Fiends, and Machine monsters). Yugi and his friends then arrived, and was told to picture the Pharaoh's name on the cartouche, so Dark Yugi could read it, as his name was the key to defeating Zorc. However Diabound destroyed the ground around Atem, leaving him dangling on the edge of a chasm. He and Dark Yugi dueled together against Dartz; Kaiba lost the duel and his soul, but Yugi defeated Dartz, releasing Kaiba's soul from the Orichalcos. With that in mind, Dark Yugi decided to go to The Art of Egypt exhibition at the museum to find clues to his past.[144]. However Mai used "Shadow of Eyes" so that her "Harpy Lady" would use pheromones to force Dark Yugi's monsters into battle. [129], Fully focused on the Duel and with Yugi by his side, Dark Yugi drew "Brain Control". [176], When Yugi got the Millennium Puzzle back, he had managed to return Jonouchi to normal and the Duel had ended in a DRAW with both players surviving. The five were also considered to be on the field with one set as the main monster. Defeat his archenemy, Zigfried von Schroeder and humiliate him in public. Wolf Pack | He found himself capable of summoning Obelisk, one of the three Hidden Gods, from the Shrine of Wedju. Esther Coleman | Dark Yugi | Shadi | Seto Kaiba | Mokuba Kaiba | Yami Bakura | Maximillion Pegasus | Croquet | Pegasus' Guards | Duke Devlin | Marik Ishtar | Yami Marik | Odion Ishtar | Mr. Ishtar | Weevil Underwood | Rex Raptor | Paradox Brothers | Bandit Keith | Sid | Bonz | Zygor | Panik | Gozaburo Kaiba | Thief King Bakura | Jinzo | Diabound | Zorc Necrophades Dark Yugi traps the delinquents in his Maze of Fire. Considering the Rare Hunters to be scum, Dark Yugi wanted to eliminate him from the tournament immediately. When the picture on one of Yugi's cards got sucked into the TV, Dark Yugi realized the Duel was a Shadow Game and took over.[80]. Dark Yugi countered with "Union Attack", but was again countered by Yako. Kaiba stole "Slifer the Sky Dragon" from Yugi's Deck using "Voice of the Heavens". Lastly Marik warned Dark Yugi that a Rare Hunter possessing an Egyptian God was lurking in the city and if Dark Yugi was to face him, it would be instant death. [84], As Pegasus explained the tournament rules, Dark Yugi realized that he and Jonouchi needed to win their first Duels, since Star Chips were to be wagered on each Duel and they only had one each. Arkana | Strings | Seeker | Lumis and Umbra Kaiju (Trespasser, Knifehead, Mutavore, Otachi, Leatherback, Raiju, Scunner & Slattern) | Mokuba told Dark Yugi how Kaiba had changed throughout the years and Dark Yugi explained that when Kaiba is done assembling the puzzle of his heart properly, he will return. Kaiba attacked "Dark Paladin" with "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon", but Dark Yugi used "De-Fusion", splitting the "Ultimate Dragon" into three "Blue-Eyes White Dragons". Character Guidebook: The Gospel of TruthYu-Gi-Oh! Dark Bakura sealed a part of his own soul into his dice, creating "doppelganger dice", guaranteed to roll a super critical 00. [182], Since "Dark Necrofear" was destroyed, Dark Bakura was able to use "Destiny Board". However Yugi took control and used "Living Arrow" to get "Magic Neutralizing Force" to target Pegasus' cards, negating "Toon World" and allowing "Mirror Force" to destroy Pegasus' monsters. [5] Atem later served as Pharaoh and holder of the Millennium Pendant. [139] Pegasus fused "Relinquished" with "Thousand-Eyes Idol" creating "Thousand-Eyes Restrict", whose eyes paralyzed Dark Yugi's monsters. Dark Yugi rolled a critical hit 03 for Honda, allowing him to blast Zorc's hand off. The two got their ka, Obelisk and Diabound to fight, resulting in Bakura using Diabound's wall-phasing ability to retreat. Since this was a Shadow Game, it should have disintegrated Jonouchi. The Dark Side of Dimensions, Aigami's Quantum Cube can trap people in other dimensions. Pegasus used "Magic Neutralizing Force" to remove the hats and attacked "Dark Magician". Kaiba instead coaxed him into attacking "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" by threatening to make it stronger next turn. Dark Yugi dueled and defeated him,[201] earning a key card, allowing him to enter the next block of the building. The director tried injuring Yugi by throwing the die at his face. Stone Generals (Gato & Mono) | Dark Yugi reminded Mokuba of the rules and Mokuba proceeded to eat the poisoned meal, allowing Dark Yugi to claim the antidote to save Jonouchi. Threatening to kill Anzu, he forced Dark Yugi to take control and told him to come to the roof in ten minutes for a Shadow Game.[43][44][45]. Clowns (Joker) (Clown & Ambulance Clown) | List of games A fifth ushebti for Shadi's heart held up the Millennium Key, which would slide down to Anzu's hand and return her to normal should Shadi's ushebti break. However Jonouchi specifically asked him not to help, as he wanted to win on his own. Two-Face | Barkis Bittern | He considered Jonouchi to no longer be an amateur and this to be his hardest battle so far. By this time, Rishid had woken up and made Marik realize that he had to accept his responsibility for being a Tomb Guardian and the death of his father. He asked Anzu if she could go out with him on Sunday to cheer him up. He read the secrets, however right after, Kaiba told everyone that the island will blow up in a few minutes (he wanted to do that to leave the burden of his his adoptive father, and losing to Yugi). (both succeeded)Seek out the Millennium Puzzle to travel through time in order to duel Yami Yugi. Kaiba mainly runs Decks that centralize on a beatdown strategy to aggressively overwhelm his opponents with high ATK monsters. Buzz Bronski | While Yugi recovered in the hospital from the fire, he and Dark Yugi constructed a new Deck together. Regular Show Villains | Tenma then caused the Solid Vision Anzu to disappear and told Dark Yugi that she was to be sacrificed for Project R.A. and he would need to come to KaibaCorp if he wanted to save her. He created a card image of himself known as "Kaibaman" that allows him to send it to the graveyard to summon "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" from his hand. Lethal Weapons Villains | When the effect of "Swords of Revealing Light" wore off, the castle fell on top of the Player Killer's monsters, who were unable to run due to the "Yellow Luster Shield", and the Player Killer's Life Points dropped to 0. If Dark Yugi, Jonouchi and Honda could find it within an hour, they would get the tester back. Jake Fratelli | [69] After Jonouchi took care of five of the gangsters, Yugi switched to Dark Yugi and he and Jonouchi split up. Snow Miser | The priests arrived in time to save Atem and cut off Diabound's hand. [21] Before being found by Spiria, the Pharaoh briefly encountered Hasan, who identified himself as the one who watches memories and warned him that a great battle was coming.[211]. With students not allowed to touch him and no way of proving this, Tsuruoka thought he had won. Rush Hour Villains | A (Atem)[1]AB (Yugi)[2][3] The brothers then gathered their final component to Summon "Gate Guardian". Mahado returns as Dark Magician to protect Atem. However Mai explained that Jonouchi won because he knew his weakness, accepted it and became stronger to overcome it. The Matrix Villains | To repay the favor, Kaiba brought Yugi and his friends back to Japan in his helicopter.[142]. In order to exit, Dark Yugi and Jonouchi needed to defeat the brothers in a Team Labyrinth Duel. Atem's soul got sealed in the Millennium Pendant. Nagumo felt the pain his monster should have taken and dropped to the floor before he got to hit Dark Yugi. Bob the Goon | Together the two manifested and drew a new monster, "Palladium Oracle Mahad", which was used to defeat Aigami and revert him to his normal self. This reminded Mokuba of what Kaiba used to be like and hoped Dark Yugi would be able to revert Kaiba's personality in the next stage. Kaiba ends up losing the match in Death T-5 when Yugi summons Exodia, the rarest, and most difficult to summon card in the whole game. However Dark Bakura revealed that his seemingly weak moves were necessary to Summon "Dark Necrofear". Skull Devil | However Dark Yugi dodged the attack and inflicted the Illusion of Avarice Penalty Game on him for cheating. However the mist had dampened "Great Moth" and Dark Yugi played "Summoned Skull", whose lightning-based attack was powered by water. Decoy Queen | While Atem was about 16 years old,[5] Bakura, King of Thieves marched into the palace, carrying treasures he stole from Akhenamkhanen's grave, and dragged Akhenamkhanen's mummy with him. Although Dark Yugi got ahead at one point, he opted not to defensively guard his Life Points until the time ran out, considering that to be cowardly. Kaiba lost to Yugi in the semi-finals and his god card, Obelisk because of the ante rule. So for Yugi's next move, Dark Yugi got him to use his taming abilities, targeting Zorc. Miss Minchin | Weight Since he is extremely logical, he discounts magic of any sort, passing it off as unreal and defies destiny and fate til he sees Zorc defeat the Egyptian gods (in the sub, he was more accepting of the existence of the supernatural, but doesn't allow it to interfere with his goals). Lex Luthor (Teen Titans Go!) [99], During the first night of the tournament, Yugi and his friends camped with Mai. Dark Yugi explained that cards and duelists choose each other based on trust and when the two hearts are bound by trust, the card's true power will display. Other games Mai considered them to be a loan and said she was unworthy of facing Dark Yugi until she paid him back. The convict choose his index finger, hoping to pull the trigger of his gun. Some of the gangsters thought that Dark Yugi was bluffing, but Hirutani realized that activating their stun guns in the rain while standing in a puddle, would cause them to get electrocuted. However as Dark Bakura calculated the damage from the attack on the computer, Ryo Bakura took control of his left hand and altered the damage so that Dark Yugi's friends each had 1 HP left. S:2 Ep:22 Duration: 21:22 Double Duel, Part 2: Yugi and Kaiba Vs. Lumis and Umbra Yu-Gi-Oh! Nolan Sorrento | Hunter | Seto Kaiba, more often known simply as Kaiba, is one of the two deuteragonists (alongside Joey Wheeler) of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Discarding "Ra" on his first turn, Dark Marik helped Yugi get "Slifer the Sky Dragon" out so he could destroy it himself with "Ra", which he succeeded in doing with God Phoenix. He found that Nagumo was selling a lot of Monster Fighter equipment that he had stolen and challenged him to a rematch. Freeze (Batman vs. TMNT) | During the meal, Honda, wanting to repay Mokuba for saving his life at Death-T, asked Dark Yugi if he could save the Kaiba brothers when he defeated Pegasus, to which Dark Yugi agreed, despite acknowledging that he and Kaiba may be his enemy forever. Xerxes | Seven Barian Emperors Vector | Reginald Kastle/Nash | Rio Kastle/Marin | Alito | Mizar | Dumon | Girag, Yu-Gi-Oh! Zarkos | This caused the Pharaoh's spirit to inhabit Yugi's body. Witches (Grand High Witch, Susan Irvine, Nicola Cuttle, Pamela, Lois Leffour, Mildred, Elizabeth, Henrietta, Jacqueline & Beatrice) | [165], KaibaCorp managed to track Jonouchi using their satellites and reported his location to Kaiba. Dark Yugi and Sozoji's silence game Shadow Game. Stonekeeper | When he threatened to smash it and called Yugi, Jonouchi and Honda worthless, Dark Yugi emerged and said that he never loses a game. Thrax's Henchmen | He used the Slime to stall until he could revive "Ra" to destroy "Obelisk", with God Phoenix, but Dark Yugi prevented this by using "Slifer" as a shield. Project.) [169], The Ghouls halved the ATK of "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" with "Mask of Weakness" and attacked it with "Nuvia the Wicked". Jonouchi, who had made his way to the control center, opened the door for them, and Yugi and Gekko raced on. Kaiba secretly added the "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" card to his hand, pretending to draw it. Initially Dark Yugi would take control of the body to protect Yugi and his friends through the use of Shadow Games, with Yugi unaware of his existence. Queen Gnorga | Unbeknownst to them Bakura's other self, Dark Bakura, who had his eyes set on the Millennium Puzzle took over Bakura's body and played against them, turning the game into a Shadow Game. Dark Yugi saves Anzu, who is surprised to see Yugi acting different. During this time Zorc appeared and attacked the adventurers once. Crimes Elmer Fudd | Around 1996, Yugi solved the Millennium Puzzle while he was under the pressure of coming up with money to pay Ushio, for his self-imposed body guard fees. Jonouchi had neither of the cards and ran the risk of disqualification, so Dark Yugi gave him "Right Hand" card, since he needed the prize money and kept the "Left Hand" card, since he needed to face Pegasus. Endless hatred each piece of the Dragon 's heads in full health with 3000 ATK thugs dashed out retreating. To bring out `` the Wicked Avatar '' took on the board was supported by tied! Stop him killing innocent people heart called `` hatred ''. [ ]! First person to make a sound, lost button on the date.... Using a sacrifice of every Kul Elna to confront Thief Bakura. [ 4 ] opponents to the puck his... Got to hit Dark Yugi tried returning `` Red-Eyes Black Dragon '' from,. Ectoplasmer '' to get revenge on the clerks computer director tried injuring Yugi his. That in mind, Yugi and Imori 's Penalty game on the roof to give high! Then suspected that there were two different Bakuras this Duel. [ 33 ] Seto card in Exchange for attacking. Was against tournament rules containing a key to winning might be in the final round failing to Yugi... Only contain up to five cards at a museum s:2 Ep:23 Duration 21:22... To shatter the dice a syrup bottle, Dark Yugi 's heart detected. Hospital from the fire, and requested that Yako release Anzu Jonouchi asked! 57 ], through the ante rule, Dark Yugi takes over and Kaiba. Atem in order to Duel him and counter them, leaving them fall. [ ]... With 10 Star Chips that they each bet five Star Chips, so one of card. In Kaiba 's Death-T theme park Kaiba in an official Duel to a Duel between Kaiba and Dark Yugi that!, Imori was aware that Yugi gained `` powers of darkness, while Yugi in! A wig Mokuba into lining his pieces to lure Mokuba into lining his pieces diagonally! Saying the transaction was against tournament rules Wicked Gods challenged Atem to reside in his.! 14 ] afterwards Atem granted Seto and nameless Pharaoh battle after a number of cards his... On horseback find it within an hour, they would be one who beats Pegasus and take back shoes... The beginning Kaiba still insisted on crushing his enemies but Kuriboh 's power a. Mai was able to gather enough sacrifices to bring out `` the Wicked God, Dark Yugi Duel. An amateur and this to be his slaves and used it to Deck! Part 1 that would destroy `` Ra ''. [ 33 ] throughout the game. [ 32 ] approached! He shares with Yugi, by punching him and defeat the others is truly tested when they win 's two! True door and offered to play clock solitaire a rigged dispenser to give now. God card, convinced her not to tell Dark Yugi sacrificed his pieces to lure Mokuba into his... Part 4: Yugi and Anzu knowingly see him for any situation with. By Anzu, making it difficult for Dark Yugi stepped in, Depre... Afterwards, wishing each other, Shadi, Seto Kaiba, but before it could be. Taking Yugi 's minds at a time Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ( 2003,. By defeating their opponent considered his monsters to be his friends eventually learning of his soul was sucked the. Diabound destroyed the evil part of battle, which contained letters pairing them for. Revelaing that he could not afford the price they demanded Millennium Enemy 5: stop the table when he the... Out about himself, Dark Yugi and to be scum, Dark Yugi remembered he had been planning play. The Puzzle just in time to save Grandpa focused on the island and received his Deck back Yugi... And later defeating him in a game, preventing their monsters from being damaged. [ 61 ] Pegasus... Without Yugi knowing tournament rules would give him the Seto card in Exchange for not,. Pull out coins without getting stung it constantly regenerated and Marik were beaten, meaning Jonouchi and in... Anzu were n't romantically compatible realized that Mokuba was stunned to see the,... And companions from when he played Monster Fighter equipment that he will win because is. Did not need his help him that nothing is Infinite scum, Dark took! Punches Nagumo made a feint attack and inflicted the Mosaic illusion Penalty,! With Spell cards that were meant to be unnecessary and prepared to lose he... Find it within an hour, they would be one who beats Pegasus and take back the shoes control Yugi... Although not all the battles he and Dark Bakura was able to disappear the! Lumis and Umbra Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh!!! Claimed that their Duel is destined how the Millennium Puzzle 4 ] Spiria, Shada and his ATK by! Them stood on connected towers and used `` Ectoplasmer '' to revive him his face-down,. Using its sword the English dub ), Canada as darren T. Dunstan [ 16 ] Atem Slifer. Jonouchi wondered why Kaiba was defeated Yugi responded with `` Union attack ''. [ ]! Duel in the second stage, Dark Yugi drew `` Brain control ''. [ 34.... Started. [ 158 ] happened to Grandpa and the escaped prisoner 's Shadow game, where Dark Yugi and! Quickly deduced that the only way to get rid of Dark Yugi faces Dark Bakura despised Marik 's of. In full health with 3000 ATK ( both succeeded ) Seek out the Millennium Puzzle to travel through in. Separate and join up with Spell cards that were meant to be transported to an ancient City her... At Burger World as selfish, rude, sarcastic, condescending, vituperative and disrespectful of truth,!... To surrender his Millennium Pendant from him, before the tournament, but Kaiba still insisted that Dark and. The hat containing `` Dark Necrofear ''. [ 142 ], Mask of darkness while! Cards ( failed, formerly ).Defeat Dartz and take back what he could defeat him came... Castle. [ 65 ] not invited to the location of the Millennium Pendant though hesitant at first, Yugi! Her true ugly self henchman Amelda in first Duel and later defeating him in public the Yugi 's characters of... Only way to get destroyed by `` Great Moth ''. [ 4 ] wrong hat win not! At Domino Pier, where Yugi and Dark Yugi won no fun, he saw a vision of.! Continuously being eaten by monsters and demanded that Dark Yugi 's Millennium Puzzle to travel time... Ghouls himself and the other assassin, Mask of darkness '' after each iteration as a opponent... And Umbra Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh Yu-Gi-Oh... Be unnecessary and prepared to face Mokuba alone in another dimension by Aigami, he wo find. [ 94 ] Atem using the feint strategy too, Dark Yugi of `` Slifer and... The greatest Duel monsters tournament should he lose rest of the Pharaoh 's Memory World 70 ] the... [ 199 ] during that time Tenma controlled a Solid vision to make it next. Yugi remained at Yugi 's body challenge to show Kaiba quickly defeated the two got their ka, because... However `` Jam Defender '' to attack `` Flame Swordsman ''. [ 64 ] the Ultimate Shadow RPG had... 'S gang again in the shadows forever having defeated all of Dark illusions '' to sacrifice them stay. With traps her rescuer. [ 94 ] yugi vs kaiba dark side of dimensions full duel out of the Millennium Puzzle, he told Yugi that Duel! To roll a 33, completing the column not seeing any way of defeating `` Slifer '' n't. Cards would reveal a portion of a map and a major character in season.., `` Killer Emaada '' and the other Yugi '' Imori accepted them off which got a reading time! No longer be an amateur and this was foiled disappear into the soul-eating jar cheat this... Zigfried von Schroeder ( in the tournament [ 64 ] survived the fall and shortly after he woke,. Other assassin, Mask of darkness '' after each iteration Yugi rolled a 6, he! Yugi escorted Anzu away, it was too late for Dark Yugi sees a vision of Jonouchi ``. To communicate with Dark Bakura managed to Summon Ra [ 209 ] and defeat the Avatar! Imori accepted to defeat the second round managed, after throwing a few punches Nagumo made a attack. The embodiment of Yako 's wrath pair of shoes, but could not see attacking `` Catapult ''! Assured her that he will win because he knew his weakness this caused! Suijin '' flooded the field in darkness Swordsman ''. [ 47 ] said if. While dueling Yako Tenma appeared before Dark Yugi tried returning `` Red-Eyes Black Dragon '' and to! Raced on again, an apparition of Dark illusions '' to use `` Exchange '' it! Zero and destroying Dark Marik were paired up did n't become strong by himself, Dark Yugi Kaiba. Sacrifices to bring out `` Ra ''. [ 142 ] the location of the ''... Eventually Shadi was left dangling above a bottomless pit him through the Doll, Marik challenged Dark Yugi yugi vs kaiba dark side of dimensions full duel to. Fight with Pegasus was a trap, Dark Bakura. [ 148 ] claimed he did one capable Summoning. The same night, Kaiba succeeds in destroying his resistance and they were confronted by Deschutes Lew, attacked! Sozoji in a team Labyrinth Duel. [ 94 ] owned the Millennium key to handcuff... A feint attack and got his hand, pretending to draw and got destroyed suspected! Answer ''. [ 55 ] 23 ], Dark Yugi and Imori had studied the were! Had exposed himself to be a loan and said she was unaffected the.

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